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What is live rosin?

The market for cannabis concentrates has recently been taken over by a new trend known as live rosin. They are often the substance that has the highest price tag per gram in dispensaries. 

Is it deserving of all the attention? To begin, there is not even the slightest trace of a solvent in this process.

  • The plants used in their production are ones that are high in trichomes and terpenes.
  • The producers must next sieve and press the plant in order to get yields of a lower quantity but greater quality.
  • When compared to butane hash oils that are made on a larger scale, however, the quantity of work involved in their production as well as the quality of the raw ingredients demand a higher price.

You will be able to enjoy the most authentic flavors of some of the highest quality cannabis that the market has to offer when you use live rosin. As a direct consequence of this, genuine enthusiasts are gathering live rosin wherever they can find it. There is some erroneous information floating around on what exactly live rosin is, and we are here to set the record straight.


What Is Live Rosin?

It is likely that you are familiar with the terms "live" and "rosin" if you keep up with the latest developments in the cannabis concentrate industry. In spite of this, the pairing of the two terms did not become common practice until very recently. 

Before then, "live resin," a specific kind of cannabis concentrate, was the only thing that could ever be referred to by that word. In common parlance, the term "live resin" refers to butane hash oil (BHO), which is made up of frozen flower or trim.


butane hash oil


Now, the term "live" refers to any product that was manufactured using components that were frozen shortly after harvesting the raw ingredients. The explanation that has been provided for this is that doing so helps to maintain the terpenes and fragrances of the living plant.

Rosin is an entirely distinct and separate substance. A hair straightener, T-shirt press, or any device with a similar function may be used to provide heat and pressure, which results in the production of rosin. One may make the assumption that "live rosin" merely refers to newly frozen plant material that has been rosin-pressed into concentrates by manufacturers. 

On the other hand, you can't simply take a plant out of the freezer and put it straight into the press while it's frozen. There will be some moisture present still. You would be damaging the quality of your final product by heating water with your cannabinoids and terpenes, which would be a bad idea.

The question now is, which step did we miss?

In order to manufacture ice wax:

  1. You must first freeze high-quality material until it is solid
  2. Then let the resulting concentration dry out before pressing it
The term "ice wax" refers to a concentrate of cannabis that was produced without the use of solvents. Before the invention of rosin presses or even BHO, this was the method that manufacturers used to make extracts without the use of solvents. 

Instead, growers will use water and ice to shake the trichomes off of the plant in order to get the desired effect. After that, they gather it all using something flat, like a credit card, and let it dry off before using it again. You may pulverize it and spread it out in order to speed up the process of the moisture evaporating. If you immediately put your concentrate in a jar and seal it, there is a possibility that mold will grow on the residual water in the jar.

From Full Melt To Live Rosin

However, you will not be able to apply any ice wax. If you're going to utilize ice wax to manufacture live rosin, it should have the properties of a complete melt extract.




Full melt extracts are the finest grade hash available. The term stems from the fact that it entirely melts, even whether it is in the shape of a powder or solid, much like a dab of BHO. Experts assign one to six stars to hashes depending on their quality. A complete melt extract gets a hash rating of five to six stars.

Anything lower in quality is considered a half melt or worse by experts. A half melt will partly melt as the remaining plant matter and residuals burn, producing harsher and less fragrant smoke. If you're spending $100 or more per gram for non-solvent extracts that aren't totally melting, you should go elsewhere.

When preparing complete melt extracts, using recently frozen material is preferable than dried material since the fresh material will not be dry and brittle.

 "The major reason fresh trim is more likely than dried trim to generate full-melt is because it doesn't dissolve when agitated. Dry trimming produces an extremely clean complete melt. But be cautious not to stimulate it too much," says famed grower, Kyle Kushman. 

Once you have your completely melted ice wax, place it in a filter bag. Then, using low-temperature pressure, extract some of the strongest, cleanest, and most delicious concentrates you've ever seen.

According to the Bubbleman brand, their live rosin has 75 to 85 percent THC concentration and 4 to 15% terpene content. Pesticides, potency, and terpenes are all tested in their flower and extracts.

If you're going to spend premium price for live rosin, make sure you acquire it from a reputable source. The most dependable providers conduct lab testing on their products from flower to sift to rosin to ensure that they are as safe, powerful, and tasty as possible.


rosin vape


The best is a matter of opinion. When cannabis users refer to a product as the "best," they are often referring to one that has a very high THC content, a particularly sweet flavor, and a guarantee that it does not include any potentially hazardous additives. 

Final Hit: Live Rosin

In a nutshell, live rosin is solventless hash oil prepared from freshly frozen full melt bubble hash. Full melt extracts have long been some of the most sought-after, high-quality non-solvent concentrates on the market. 

Live rosin goes a step further by ensuring the usage of fresh frozen components. Pressing live rosin is entertaining to see since it is made with bubble hash and squirts a lot more oil when pressed. Not to mention that it is significantly lighter in color than standard rosin. The majority of the live rosin we've seen is bright yellow to off-white in hue. Even when we think concentrates can't get any better, artisan hash producers prove us wrong.


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