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What is cannabis wax?

Because of its strength, marijuana extracts are becoming more popular. Concentrates like wax may be a great way to unwind after a long day at work or to quickly alleviate chronic pain.

In reality, cannabis wax is one of the most sought-after concentrates because of its enormous THC level, which is typically equal to 15-20 joints if the quality is good enough. In contrast to plants with a 30% THC concentration, many wax concentrates have above 90% THC.

Butane Hash Oil (BHO), honey oil, and '710' (which spells 'oil' when turned upside down) are all names for "weed wax." Basically, the plant material is blasted with butane (or another solvent) and the THC is extracted into a sticky, concentrated resin. This is how it is manufactured.

Because of its waxy nature, the completed product may be utilized in a variety of ways. And believe us when we say it's the strongest cannabis you've ever used.

We'll examine what cannabis wax is, how to create it, how to use it, and what the most prevalent advantages (and risks) are in this post.


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What Is Cannabis Wax?

When a solvent is washed over cannabis plant matter, it produces cannabis wax, a hash oil concentrate that looks like ear wax and contains some of the highest THC contents.

Why? You may get a completely unique high from cannabis wax since it contains up to 90 percent THC and has a potent effect. Patients with significant medical conditions who need immediate relief from their symptoms may find wax to be an excellent choice. Cannabis wax, on the other hand, may be excessively costly, with some shops charging as much as $50 for a single gram.

How Is Cannabis Wax Made?

It is feasible to create cannabis wax at home using solvent-based extraction procedures, which lends it a DIY vibe. However, we do not advocate that you undertake the procedure since there might be terrible implications if you do not know what you are doing.

As a first step, you'll need to take your marijuana buds and stuff them into a tube or other container. As a last step, you spray the plant material with butane (or similar solvent). The THC in the buds binds to this fluid, which removes the substance from the plant.

After removing the butane, you are left with an oily, concentrated material — your strong cannabis wax. 

butane hash oil

Because butane removes the majority of the plant's components, the resulting concentrate is very potent and extremely potent. One of the most potent highs you'll ever experience. The extraction process may also provide a range of cannabis wax textures, including shatter, budder, and crumble, depending on the circumstances of the extraction.

Isopropyl alcohol may also be used to make cannabis wax in a less-known way. Before draining, you put the weed in an alcohol-soaked micron sieve and let it sit for a few minutes.

In order to get a super-concentrated THC extract, you strain the liquid numerous times and then let the alcohol evaporate. To speed up the evaporation process, you may boil the solution. 

How to Use Cannabis Wax

For those who like smoking or vaping cannabis wax, there are several methods to enjoy it, but it must be prepared in a certain manner. It might be difficult to handle cannabis wax since it is so sticky.

In addition to sprinkling some on top of the cannabis in a joint, this concentrate may also be used with a vaporizer or even a gravity bong to enhance the effects. The following are the three most prevalent methods of using cannabis wax:


To ingest a cannabis wax concentrate, the most typical method is to use the dabbing method. Taking a "dab" of cannabis wax is often referred to as "taking a hit." A dab rig is necessary to utilize a dab nail, which warms the cannabis wax to very high temperatures.

Titanium, glass, ceramic or any very durable and conductive material may be used to make these nails. As the nail is heated with a blow torch, a dab of cannabis wax is placed on it, which instantly vaporizes and becomes palatable. That's when the customer inhales, just as they would with an actual bong! A bong's high, on the other hand, is significantly less potent.

Hippie W wax vaporizer


Ceramic or quartz heating chambers and titanium coils can be used to enjoy marijuana wax without the need for smoke inhalation. Make sure to choose a high-quality model, since this will ensure that your cannabis wax retains its potency and purity.

Sprinkling It on a Joint

To top it all off, you may sprinkle some wax concentration over your joints or bowls as you wrap them up. The best alternative for this type of ingestion would be crumbled wax, but if you just have wax on hand, it may be used. Because of its sticky nature, you should avoid using resin and budder in your rolls at all times.

What are the Benefits of Cannabis Wax?

The most apparent advantage of using cannabis wax is the increased potency. There will be minimal to no butane and a massive amount of THC in a high-quality wax This approach may also help to lessen the risk of lung damage associated with smoking since it converts the chemical into a vapor. A dab's virtually instantaneous high makes it an excellent choice for treating chronic pain and other ailments.

It's also possible to use CBD wax if you're worried about marijuana wax's hallucinatory effects or other negative side effects. An extract of cannabidiol from the cannabis plant has been demonstrated to be very helpful in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, including chronic pain and anxiety. 

How Potent Is Cannabis Wax… And Is It Safe?

Doing your own home-made cannabis wax may be incredibly risky, first and foremost. If you're searching for decent CBD wax, check out online reviews or get it from a legitimate marijuana dispensary.

However, since butane is an exceedingly combustible material, mishandling it might result in an explosion. Dustin Zablocki and Justin Pick set fire to Zablocki's Minnesota house on November 22, 2014, while attempting to create marijuana wax. Sally Douglas, Zablocki's grandmother, died two weeks later as a result of problems caused by smoke inhalation. A third-degree murder accusation was filed against the two guys. Make sure you don't make the same mistake. 

butane explosion warning

Because butane may fill a room and accumulate near the floor, most individuals don't notice its fumes until it's too late. To start a fire, all you need is a single spark. When it comes to deadly cannabis wax explosions, a doctor at a southern Californian hospital revealed there had been almost 20 casualties within a few months in 2013. An "epidemic" was what he called it after that. 

No matter how careful you are while attempting to manufacture cannabis wax, you still run the risk of dying from breathing too much butane if your workspace isn't well-ventilated before you ever get started.

Finally, if you do decide to experiment with cannabis wax, we strongly advise extreme caution owing to the very high quantities of THC. Overdoses of marijuana wax have led to hundreds of hospitalizations, and THC-induced paranoia is definitely real, particularly if your tolerance to marijuana is low to medium.

Another thing to keep in mind is that handmade cannabis wax may be dangerous if it contains a considerable quantity of butane residue, which can cause lung damage if inhaled or vaporized. Buying cannabis wax from a well-known brand is a good idea because of this. 

Cannabis Wax: Final Thoughts and Considerations

In addition to the hazards associated with manufacturing it, cannabis wax has significant effects. A simple way to avoid the first problem is to not create the dish at home. Hallucinations, unconsciousness, and acute paranoia are just some of the bad side effects that may result from excessive marijuana wax usage.

As a result, cannabis wax has the potential to be an excellent treatment for a broad variety of medical conditions, as well as an excellent method to get very high in jurisdictions where recreational marijuana is legal. The effects of cannabis wax, on the other hand, are really mind-blowing!