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How to Use Wax?

Here we shall look at and examine the different methods of smoking cannabis wax and concentrates, as well as providing solutions to the questions that follow.


  • What exactly is wax, and how does it work?
  • What is the most effective method to consume wax?
  • What precisely is a "dab rig" and how does it work?
  • In what way does being a "nectar collector" differ from other jobs?
  • Is it OK to inhale cannabis wax using a vaporizer?
  • Using a vaporizer, learn how to smoke wax and concentrates.
  • Learn how to smoke wax by using a bowl, a joint, or an ashtray to hold it.


In the cannabis industry, wax is an extremely potent kind of cannabis that is created by extracting concentrate from the plant with the use of butane. A waxy cannabis concentrate is one that is thick and sticky due to the nature of the cannabis oil it contains.


"Butane hash oil" (also known as BTO) is a kind of wax that is becoming more widespread in the United States, where it is used to consume THC and other cannabis constituents. Using waxed cannabis to consume cannabis is a far more potent method of consumption than smoking dry flower (cannabis buds) or ingestion of edible cannabis.

Users may take pleasure in smoking wax in a number of methods, including dabbing, vaping, and mixing it into a joint or bowl of marijuana. Additionally, each strategy incorporates a variety of devices and procedures that work in concert to generate the most effective smoke possible. Check out some of these different ways and decide which one is the most successful for you.


butane hash oil



Dab rigs are the most widely used way of inhaling vaporized wax in the cannabis community. "Dab" is the name used to describe an inhalation from a dab rig, and it is well known that dabs provide more strong effects from a single puff than other techniques of inhaling cannabis. It is because of this well-known potent high that dabbing has become so popular among marijuana enthusiasts.

Water and high heat are used in conjunction with cannabis to create the vaporization of the drug known as a "dab rig." They have a similar look and shape to bongs, and are often made of glass to keep costs down.


It takes three items to successfully smoke wax from a dab rig:

  • the wax,
  • the dab rig,
  • and some form of heating device, such as a butane torch, for the dabber.


Steps on how to use a dab rig:

  1. The "nail," which is the flat surface on which the wax is put, is then warmed up with the dabber after that.
  2. The platform is then applied with a dabber in a slow, steady motion once it has been warmed up to the proper temperature.
  3. Users inhale via the mouthpiece and exhale through the mouthpiece while spinning their dabbers back and forth.
  4. Immediately after filling the piece to its full capacity, the dabber exhales deeply to entirely empty the chamber.


dab rig

When it comes to smoking wax, dabbing is a pleasant and effective method; nevertheless, its disadvantage is that it involves the employment of intricate and expensive equipment, as well as the inability to travel with the equipment in question.



In its most basic form, a "nectar collector," also known as a "honey straw" or a "dab straw," is a portable dab rig that can be taken about with you wherever you go to dab on cannabis.

The process for applying it is quite similar to the procedure for applying a dab of petroleum jelly.

  1. The operator heats the tip of the collector with a torch until it is hot,
  2. Then puts a dose of wax on a flat surface and repeats the operation many times.
  3. After that, inhales through the mouthpiece while putting the heated tip of the collector into the wax with the tips of his or her fingers, continuing the process.

Furthermore, in terms of potency, the effects and the high generated by a dab straw are remarkably close to those produced by a whole rig.

Most importantly, dab pens have many advantages over dab rigs, the most major of which is that they are less difficult and simpler to use.

To add a dab of wax to the heating chamber or coils of the device, the user simply opens the wax pen and squeezes it out. While certain wax vaporizers are also meant to be used with loose leaf (dry herb), it is possible that a concentration pad may need to be placed in the vaporizer's bowl. 


dab pen


Using a wax vaporizer, it is possible to create concentrations from both dry herbs and waxes. As soon as the wax has been deposited in the pen and the wax vape has been reassembled for use, inhale cautiously through the mouthpiece until the desired hit is received, just as you would with any other kind of vaping device.

While most dab pens have just one voltage setting, many of them have multiple. This means that the temperature may be adjusted to create softer, mellower hits or elevated to generate forceful draws depending on the wax being used and the desired effect.

Wax vaporizers and dab pens are very beneficial while traveling since they are small and easy to use while on the go. They are also inexpensive.




Another typical technique of ingesting cannabis is by the application of wax to dried flower or loose leaf cannabis leaves. A byproduct of the heat created by the burning flower is the creation of wax vapors in the air. With a smooth oozing of cannabis oil, the Bakked Dabaratus is the fastest and most convenient way to add cannabis wax to a bowl, line a joint or blunt, or dab without the need of a flame.

A user who wants to smoke wax in a bowl does so by distributing it over the top of the flower and taking inhalations through it. Then they light the bowl and hit it as they usually would, taking care not to direct the flame directly into the wax as they do so.

When smoking a joint or blunt, users may incorporate wax into the mixture by wrapping it around the inside of the joint or snake it around the exterior. In order to get a lighter dosage of focus, you may dip a joint into hot wax and set it ablaze.