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How to Clean Vaporizer Pipe

Vaporizers are gaining mainstream popularity faster than ever. But, with popularity come issues of use, maintenance, and cleaning. A good rule of thumb is to take care of your vaporizer the same way you would take care of any other electronic device.

You should clean it out as often as necessary to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. To do this effectively and efficiently, we're going to discuss how to clean a vaporizer pipe.

Initial Cleanings

Whenever you first get a new vape or start using a new cartridge, make sure you pass some alcohol through the tubing before use for an initial deep cleaning.

This will eliminate most of the residual elements that might otherwise cause irritation. If you have a very narrow vapor path, you can optionally slide a pipe cleaner through to clear out any residue.

Periodic Cleanings

A periodic cleaning will help maintain your vaporizer properly and ensure an extended life in good working order.

  • In between thorough cleanings, try to allow time for your unit to thoroughly air dry by leaving it overnight, or at least several hours without use.
  • Keeping the mouthpiece as dry as possible will help prevent buildup from occurring in this area especially.
  • Be sure to completely remove all contents from the chamber after use and blow out any remaining vapors before placing it aside for storage or setting aside for later re-use.

If you have been experiencing a decrease in the effectiveness of your vaporizer or flavor, or if you notice any kind of irritation from residual elements or buildup, it would be best to perform a thorough cleaning. 

how to clean the hippie vaporizer

Periodically checking the inside of your mouthpiece and any other areas where buildup is likely to occur will help you anticipate problems before they happen.

Keeping a small light handy can make it easier to see inside these areas and inspect for anything that might need particular attention. It will also help you locate any debris or residue that may need to be rinsed out with alcohol prior to use.

As an additional precaution:

  • If you notice a build up of residue, it is always wise to pass the vaporizer through a top-off alcohol or propylene glycol flush.
  • Before continuing to use your vaporizer, it would be ideal to run some PG through the hose and chamber to limp the atomizer tank and remove any residual flavor.

This will leave your vaporizer capable of producing its full flavor potential again for the new load or cartridge. Using a small small pipe cleaner with some alcohol can be used for this purpose.

After thoroughly cleaning your unit, be sure to allow it ample time to dry out completely before resuming regular use. 

Here is a great example on how to clean a vaporizer:

The Hippie Pipe is an analog vape pen. It is a non-electronic vaporizer to vape your herb or resin.

Cleaning the exterior

Before beginning the cleaning process:

  • Turn your vaporizer off and remove the mouthpiece and bowl from the vaporizer.
  • Keep these items separate for their own, separate cleaning. 

To clean the exterior of your vaporizer:

  • First, use a small brush to pick up any loose debris.

  • For stubborn pieces of debris that refuse to budge, carefully use a cotton swab with some alcohol to wipe them away.

  • You will need to be extremely careful on this step as you don't want to scratch the glass surface of your vape or damage it in any way.

  • Once all of the debris is removed, lightly wipe down again with a soft cotton cloth dampened with alcohol.

Just remember, be gentle with the cleaning to avoid damaging your vape.

Once you are finished cleaning your vaporizer:

  • You can use a small brush to remove any remaining caked-on residue from the tubing.
  • You'll want to make sure that you are being careful not to damage the unit while doing this.
  • If you notice any buildup in the mouthpiece or bowl area, use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab and alcohol to clean it out thoroughly before resuming use. 
use brush to clean vape pen

Cleaning the Bowl / Chamber

Rubbing alcohol is especially good at removing resin and buildup from bowls and chambers that have been used with cannabis concentrate for an extended period of time.

You may need to use a paper towel in conjunction with the rubbing alcohol if your chamber has particularly stubborn buildup. Before you get started, be sure to remove any plastic screens beforehand.

Cleaning the Mouthpiece

To clean the mouthpiece of your vaporizer successfully:

  • It is best to begin by removing all visible debris and then rinsing the internal area with some alcohol.
  • You can use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab for this purpose so that you can reach any internal areas that might be hard to access.
  • It is also wise to pour out any remaining concentrate from the chamber that may still reside in there so that you don't accidentally contaminate your new load of concentrate.

After all visible debris has been removed:

  • You can use the cotton swab and rubbing alcohol to clean out the internal chamber.
  • Once this is done, rinse it with some water and dry it off thoroughly before reusing.
  • If you are using a vape pen consisting of a clear mouthpiece, you can safely run the vaporizer under running water in order to clean off any residue.
  • Make sure that it is completely dried before refilling.
  • You should also check for tightness around the threads where the mouthpiece meets the apparatus to ensure that there is no residual buildup leaking or loosening speeds up wear on your vape pen due to regular openings / closings.

Cleaning the Vaporizer's Controls

Vape pens are not complicated to maintain but keeping them free of buildup can be quite a challenge.

To thoroughly clean your vaporizer's controls, you will need to completely disconnect the device from any electrical power source using your fingernail.

To remove any remaining residual resin or wax, use a q-tip and rubbing alcohol. This is especially important if you've used your vape pen for other than standard vaping purposes such as oil or wax concentrates. 

cleaning wax vaporizer

Once these items have been removed, it is advisable to use a soft toothbrush and rubbing alcohol to clean the entire body of your electronic component. Pay special attention to the area where your mouthpiece meets the heating chamber, particularly if you've recently been using other substances.

The oven of a vaporizer pen is typically made from stainless steel or some high-quality plastic. As such, it is liable to develop many different forms of bacteria and grime over time.

This buildup can lead to a number of health issues including infections and even allergic reactions if the heavy build-up was not cleaned off properly. If you notice any type of buildup appearing on your stovetop or glass lid, you should clean it thoroughly with rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush in order to avoid these complications.

Let us know what you think about our guide in cleaning your vaporizer. Don't be shy to leave us a comment. If you found this helpful, please feel free to share!