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What is a Dab Pen?

The Basics of Dab Pens

A dab pen is a new type of vaporizer pen that produces vapor from concentrates and distillates (instead of from herbs); such as shatter, wax, CO2 oil, rosin, etc. They are typically made out of 304 or 316 L grade stainless steel with a titanium coil atomizer. They come in many shapes and sizes but the most popular size is known as the "eighth". The dab pen has recently become popular among cannabis users due to its ease-of-use and portability.

In recent years more people have been using this type of product for the convenience factor over the traditional marijuana flower.

A dab pen's main features are easy use and portability.

The pen works similar to a vape pen:

  • The user simply takes a dab (a small amount of cannabis extract placed on a heated nail and inhaled), then presses the button atop the pen.
  • The user doesn't need to wait for it to heat up like with typical vapes.
  • Most have a locking feature for safety and some even have an auto shut off timer.

Some pens come in different colors and sizes, ranging from a small twig-like stylus, to larger pens similar in size and shape to vape pens. Many of these products are marketed by their battery life or heating element durability.


how do dab pens work

How do they work

A dab pen consists of two main parts: the battery section and the atomizer. The atomizer is where a dab is vaporized and inhaled through. The atomizer can be ceramic, quartz or titanium. A dab pen will typically have either a quartz or titanium heating element in its atomizer because these elements retain heat, which allows them to reach higher temperatures than ceramic.

Anatomically, a dab pen looks like an electronic cigarette with a glass mouthpiece attached to it. Vapers call them pens because they are shaped like ballpoint pens and fit easily in a pocket or purse for on-the-go use.

Clarity of information

Dab pens use a dabbing technique. The user presses the button to heat the piece at the end of the pen. This heats up and vaporizes any material on the end which when inhaled is drawn into your lungs like smoke.

Legalities and Regulations

The use of a dab pen is legal throughout the United States, however as with any drug possession there are limitations that must be complied with by law. The most important factor to consider when using a dab pen is that usage of these products is not permitted in public places including school, daycare, movie theaters, bars or restaurants.


how to use a dab pen


How to use a dab pen

Because dabs are oil based, they're usually easier to inhale than cannabis edibles. A dab pen can be used like a vape pen, but rather than heating up the material at the end of the pen, it's vital to heat up the entire piece.

Dab pens usually have other functions aside from inhaling and vaporizing extracts. Some also have temperature control features. In most cases, when using a dab pen, it's best to heat up the device before taking a dab to prevent combusting buds and herbs. Once the pen is heated up, the user will simply inhale and enjoy.

Some pens have a small, twig-like glass straw attached to them. These straws are intended to reach further into your lungs for better inhalation of products. The design of these pens allow you to use them in a way similar to a vape pen. Inhaling into the port will pull vapor from the atomizer through a glass tube directly into your lungs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

While dab pens are an extremely versatile and convenient device, there are some disadvantages associated with it as well.

One disadvantage can be the cost of using one. On average a dab pen will cost between $40 and $60, and that's for a high-end pen. Many pens will last only a few uses before they need to be replaced. This is common as the heating element will eventually burn out and the product won't heat up anymore. Replacing it is easy as most require removing only a small screw to access the heating element inside.

Alternative methods of consuming cannabis

If you don't have access to a dab pen or don't want to buy one, there are alternatives such as using an e-cigarette with oils or dry herbs in them, or just simply smoking flower. However, the vaping method is arguably better as it doesn't contain any harmful toxins.

Alternative methods of consuming cannabis

Why should you be using a dab pen

People should use dab pens for a number of reasons. One being that there is less odor than smoking flower, as the product is pre-loaded and easily used on the go. 

The next reason dab pens are an excellent option is because you have control over how much you consume. This method of consuming cannabis was originally created to give patients a more accurate way to dose themselves as opposed to smoking or ingesting edibles.

Key points to consider

The key points to consider before using a dab pen are as follows:

  • Don't heat up the product for a long period of time and allow the whole piece to warm up in order to avoid combusting your product. 
  • Heat up the material at the end, and then inhale. 
  • When using an oil, make sure you only load half of your dab pen. 

A dab pen is an excellent way to consume cannabis as it is convenient and easy to use. Not only can you carry a dab in your pocket, but it's also more discreet than having it available in front of you or on a table or counter top. It's also more discreet than using an e-cig or vaporizer that can be easily seen.

They are small, easy to use and operate, and inexpensive compared to other cannabis products such as edibles. They can easily be carried in a backpack, purse or pocket. Not only that, but they're discrete and don't smell!

People who buy a dab pen are usually enthusiasts who smoke flower regularly or enjoy edibles but simply hate the amount of time it takes to consume those cannabis products. There is no longer a need to wait around for an edible to kick in or smoke flower until you feel the effects.