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How To Use A Vaporizer Pipe

What is a vaporizer pipe?

A vaporizer pipe is essentially a special type of bowl that you can get that makes the weed vape more than just heated but also gives it a taste. Instead of "smoking", you inhale the vapor (or smoke, if you prefer) and exhale the actual smell. The vaporizer bowl doesn't combust the tobacco, so you can keep going and get quite high!

A vaporizer pipe is a lot like a bong or pipe, but it has more than one hole. The tobacco goes in the front and there's also a place to put your lighter on the other side. Over this is a screen, which will be covered by water as you use it. 

You'll pour some of the water in the back hole (where there's only one) and then fill the rest of it up with some ice cubes, about an inch thick. This will cool down your hit as well as filter out anything you don't want to take in (like that nasty taste like burning wood).  


 There are several ways to go about this:

1) Add an e-liquid with flavoring to your pipe bowl (it's especially helpful in a "minus flavor" like vanilla or chocolate). You can experiment with different amounts and get a different experience with each take. Also, try adding it to your tobacco rather than weed vape at first before you move on to herb.

2) Use a vaporizer bowl or use a pre-made bowl! There is actually such a thing as an e-liquid for vaporizers that gives it the smoke "flavor" that you might be seeking out.

However, if you're using a vaporizer cooler, then you don't necessarily need anything extra. Just use the same technique described above. If you don't have one of these, then you can make your own bowls by using foil or parchment paper and folding them into cones.

3) Add oils close to the bowl. Oil can be added in a number of ways, including by your fingers, a pipette, or in a small dish. We've gotten pretty good at getting it just right inside the bowl so that we actually get some flavor coming from the oil.

How does it work?

It's simple! Vaporizing means heating oil while not burning it up (like smoking). If you're familiar with a vaporizer, you'll know that the bowl that holds the weed vape cools down almost immediately. 

If you're using a vaporizer cooler, then it'll cool down much more quickly and it will be almost as fast as fully smoking weed. Essentially, it's "smoking" just with less harm done to your lungs. 

smoking dry herbs

Preparing your tobacco or herbs:

If you buy tobacco (or leaf, if not pre-packaged), you need to make sure that you don't put too much in the bowl. Putting too much in will cause an uneven burn and leave a lot of tobacco un-smoked.

This is wasteful not only because it means that you'll have to refill the bowl more as the evening goes on but also because it means that you're leaving good leaf on top of the ash, which will give your next bowl an uneven smoke and flavor profile. 

So, we recommend putting in 3/4 to 1 teaspoon for a half ounce of leaf or less. When it comes time to pack a cigar or blunt, take note of how much you added and remember this amount next time.

Packing the pipe

When it comes to packing a pipe, you're just stuffing some tobacco in there, right? Wrong. For starters, most pipes don't have the ability to hold enough tobacco to make more than a couple puffs at a time.

In fact, some pipes won't hold any tobacco at all! You can get pipes that are also called "Chimneys" that seem like they'll be able to hold more but they're really just made for smokers that want to use them as an ashtray.  

Packing pipe with herbs

 So, if you're going to be using weed vape in a pipe, you'll need to get a pipe called a "Mother-Box" from which the name comes. These are essentially tiny cigar "Davidoff" cigars that can only hold less than .25g of tobacco! 

If you want something more substantial that will hold more, definitely look into getting a regular pipe, and don't go and buy tobacco in bulk either! .25g is very little though. So many people buy bulk for cheap then try to use it as it's too much at once.

What are some advantages of weed vape over smoking?

There are a lot of advantages to using a vaporizer pipe over smoking.

  • First of all, your lungs will thank you. They'll be able to heal faster and you won't have any of the harmful chemicals and stuff that's in smoke.
  • Second advantage is that you'll have less to dump. This is especially true if you're using a vaporizer pipe, which won't allow your weed vape to get very hot. Also, since it's more/less like smoking (it won't be this huge cloud of smoke), you'll be able to see and smell it easier.
  • From a psychological standpoint, the act of making the weed vape come out of the bowl is quite satisfying as well as a lot more "fun". It's almost like playing with fire in some way, which means that it's quite relaxing and pleasant.
    • Another advantage is that you'll save quite a bit of money. Weed vape is much cheaper than smoking weed, and will cost you less in taxes as well. You can inhale several times before you need to refill the bowl of the vaporizer pipe and you can go with whatever blends or concentrates that you like.
    Overall, it can be a lot less hassle than smoking with a bong or pipe.

    Is it legal to use a weed vaporizer?

    This is something that depends on your location. Though it is not illegal in many states now, there are still quite a few that will punish people for using weed vape. This is especially true if you're under 21 and don't have your parent's permission. You stand a better chance with a vaporizer pipe than smoking with a bong because there's no smoke! 

    is it legal to use weed pipe

    Some other tips:

    1) If you're using a bowl, try rotating the bowl as you're breathing in to get every last bit of weed vape out of it. This will help increase the potency and save some money along the way.

    2) If you're using a whip vape, make sure that you use it when your hands are clean and dry. Otherwise, your weed vape could be contaminated with bacteria. This could cause a bad throat infection if inhaled.

    3) Try putting a small piece of cheesecloth inside the bowl/atomizer to absorb excess weed vape that might have gotten stuck in there. This would cut down on the amount of filter foam used, which is something that is quite expensive and adds up to cost quickly.