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Vaping Dry Herbs vs Smoking

Smoking dry herbs is not a new trend. This is something that has been done for centuries. It actually is practiced among different cultures across the world.

In fact, cigarettes are rolled up dried herbs. With the vaping culture making a hit, the dry herb vaporizer makes it possible for this generation to practice dry herb smoking without its harmful effects.

Less Toxins Involved 

When you use an herbal vaporizer pen, you use indirect heat on the dry herbs and the temperature is controlled and specific. Because of this, the dry herbs do not turn into ash, making it a healthier alternative. Carbon monoxide levels are almost eliminated with vaping which means that other toxins related to dry herb combustion will be absent as well.

Easier on the Throat and Lungs

Because the heat involved in vaping is much lower, the vapor produced will be cooler compared to smoke produced by cigarettes. This makes your herbal vaping session a more pleasurable experience since it is easier on your throat.

Better Flavor

Everyone knows that nicotine does not have the best flavor. With vaping, you get a better flavor since it does not come with a burnt taste. You get to savor the flavor of dry herbs instead. 

No Lingering Smell

Another advantage of using an herbal vaporizer over cigarette is that they do not smell as much. Smoking is not so discrete since the smell lingers and stick to your clothes, hair, and other belongings.


The discretion that vaping gives is not just limited to smell – its appearance can be easily covered up as well. You can find that the best herbal vaporizers can easily be disguised off as a pen or a tube of cologne. They are quite portable and small in size that some units can easily fit on your shirt pocket.

Easy Dosage for Medicinal Herbs

The best dry herb vaporizer can heat your dry herbs at a very specific temperature.

This will make things easier for you if you need dry herbs for medicinal purposes. Because vaping uses a more controlled and lower heart source, the herbal components are released not in one burst but in constant, steady amounts.

This allows you to experience the medicinal benefits better. In fact, elderly patients prefer to vape their medicinal herbs or medical marijuana since it is an easier process and they get to feel relief instantly.


Looks cooler

Admit it – when you smoke a cigarette you get those criticizing looks by people passing by. When you use a vaporizer, it turns those judging looks into wonder. You can be surrounded by puffs of aromatic smoke and most people would not mind. 

Saves Money

The initial purchase of getting your own vaping kit may seem like a huge investment at first glance. But if you compare how much you spend on cigarettes per month compared to vaporized dry herbs, you will realize how cheaper it is to vape in the long run.

You consume more cigarettes in a day while with vaping, you can only take a few puffs and be satisfied. These vaping pens are also refillable so there is less waste involved in this recreational habit.



It is about time you start thinking about your health. Smoking is a habit that is not easy to stop but if you start switching your cigarette with a dry herb vape pen, you will be able to get rid of your need for nicotine in no time.

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