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Is Vaping Weed Good for Seniors?

More states are legalizing the use of medical marijuana due to the health benefits. In fact, a lot of senior patients benefit from it. They can get it through edibles, but a number of the elderly are starting to enjoy taking their medical cannabis through a weed vaporizer too.

But is this safe for seniors?

Can the Elderly Vape?

First of all, vaping is different from smoking although the premise is similar. The difference is that there is no nicotine involved when you use a weed vape – you are just taking in medical marijuana in vapor form. It is actually a good and enjoyable way to get their dose. This is entirely safe.

Some start out with CBD vaping first before they go full medical cannabis. The comfort level to vaping is easier if these seniors were smokers but even non-smokers can enjoy the benefit of vaping as well – although at their age, it may take some time to get used to. 

Instant Relief

What makes seniors love their weed pen is that they get instant relief once they vape. They can feel the effects almost instantly compared to other methods of taking in medical marijuana. If they are in pain, the best way to get instant relief is to vape weed.

 Advantages of using a weed vape pen for seniors

Here is a list of benefits that seniors can get when vaping weed:

  1. Relief from chronic pain – medical marijuana is one of the best medical relievers for the elderly and even for young ones who go through chronic pain. They are very effective for those who are going through arthritis and nerve pain.
  2. Fights off Alzheimer’s and dementia – Seniors who are exposed to medical weed are less likely to have dementia and Alzheimer’s since it can keep your brain active. 

    According to scientific research, medical marijuana can help get rid of the toxic proteins that causes this diseases. Since medical marijuana also has anti-inflammatory properties, they help regenerate brain cells that are damaged. 

  3. Prevents glaucoma pain – Glaucoma happens when the neurons in charge of sending signals from the brain to the body starts breaking down. When this happens, there is painful pressure in the eyes, which affects the elderly’s sight. Vaporizers for weed can help deal with the pain related to it.
  4. Improves bone health – Deterioration of bone health is expected with aging. Medical marijuana can help heal fractures and keep the bones as healthy as possible. Its anti-inflammatory properties can also help the elderly deal with pains from multiple sclerosis.
  5. Energy booster – Medical marijuana is effective as a fighter of inertia by giving boosts of energy. This boost happens when the weed helps strengthen the cells in the body and in return, causes a boost in regeneration.

    The antioxidants in medical marijuana is also found to be stronger than vitamins E and C.

  6. Quality sleep – Sleep is very important for the elderly as this is the period where the body recharges and heals itself. The older we get, the more difficult it is to get long periods of high-quality rest. Getting quality sleep is important to prevent illnesses and diseases.

    The best vaporizer for weed can easily help seniors relax before bedtime and this is effective in getting better sleep.

  7. Appetite stimulant – Loss of appetite is pretty common with seniors as they age and this is mostly caused by weakness and other health issues. This is a problem since the less they eat, the lesser chances they heal. Medical marijuana is proven to be an appetite stimulant. When seniors eat more, there are more chances that stay healthy.

As you can see, vaping weed has a lot of benefits for seniors. As long as the right dosage and vape settings are observed, you do not even have to worry about them getting high. Getting them the best weed vaporizer in the market would be a treat.