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The Best Torch Lighter Types

When it comes to fire, not all lighters are created equal. When you're on the go, you need a lighter that is reliable enough to help you get out of some of the toughest situations. 

There are numerous types of lighters available in today's market but here is a list of top torch lighter types.

Maintenance Free Lighter

This type uses an electronic igniter without any switches or moving parts making it easy to light multiple times without having to refill the fuel reservoir and replace anything--simply plug into a power outlet or use batteries for those long hikes in the woods. 

Pressure Sensitive Light

This type of lighter lights by simply pressing the top of the lighter onto a table or a hard surface. It is designed to light only when pressure is applied, preventing accidental ignition.


Friction Lighter

This type works by rubbing a flint wheel against a metal surface to light the flame, similar to striking a match on sandpaper. Friction lighters are relatively easy to use and maintain, making them ideal for camping or long trips in your vehicle. 


friction lighter


Flame Lighter

This type uses butane fluid and an electric spark to ignite the gas causing it to burst into flames. These lighters are more compact than torch lighters and are easier to control with no fear of burning yourself. 

Piezo Lighter

This type uses electricity to create a spark that ignites a gas. The piezo lighters are entirely electronic and can be used hundreds of times without the need for fuel refills. 

Turquoise Lighter

This lighter uses butane and is refilled through a hole on the side of the lighter. They produce a long lasting, stable flame approximately 6 inches in height which can burn from 1-2 minutes per fill. 

Double Flame Lighter

This lighter has three flames that are controlled by three separate valves, allowing smokers to choose from the desired size of flame. 

Stick Lighter

This type uses a stick that is ignited by a lighter and grows larger and longer the longer it is in place. These lighters are ideal for fishing and can be purchased with a variety of lengths. 

Magnesium Lighter

Magnesium sticks, which are easily ignitable, are used as the sole source of fuel for this type of lighter. It is an efficient means of lighting without spending too much time trying to find the perfect match or striking a flame on an uneven surface. 

lighter fluid

The best liquids for your torch lighters

One of the most important parts of any lighter is the liquid that fuels its fire. Lighters without liquids can be used for small tasks such as igniting matches, but for serious tasks they will not work. Before ever buying a lighter, you should decide what type of liquid it uses.

In this section we will list our top  products for you to choose from when buying your next liquid fuel for your torch lighters.

Escape Lighter Fuel

This lighter fuel is a perfect choice for any fire starter. It's a non-toxic liquid that will not cause any negative side effects. The low viscosity allows this fuel to flow easily and evenly in all shapes and sizes of flammable liquids.

It has a propane base along with kerosene and butane, which will provide you with the best performance possible. Due to the high quality of this product, it is completely odorless, lightweight, non-staining and non-corrosive.

High Impact Gasless Sparkling Lighter Fluid

This lighter fuel is a unique mixture of a sparkler, wax and minerals. This mixture creates the ideal blend for igniting any type of flammable liquid to begin a fire. In addition, it also provides a slow, rolling flame that will not get out of control. 

Zippo Lighter Fluid

They are made with the same high-quality materials as Zippo lighters, and have the same distinctive shape with the iconic Zippo light on top. The product has been gaining in popularity because of how well it works and how much smoother it burns than traditional lighter fluids. 


Best type of lighter

What to look for when buying a torch lighter?

The quality of your lighter is important for its effectiveness, durability and ability to withstand heat. There are many factors that contribute to its success, but one of the most important aspects is the way the lighter is built.

Here are some things to look for when buying a lighter:

Torch Lighter Fuel Systems

Another thing you should consider when buying a torch lighter is fluid systems. Modern fluid systems can determine whether or not your torch lighter will perform properly and efficiently, as well as how long it will last before requiring more fluid.

There are many different types of systems available including:

  • mechanical,
  • fuel pressure,
  • and fuel feed type systems. 

Fuel Pressure System

This system employs an actual pump to move the proper amount of fuel into your torch lighter to produce consistent, quality flames. These systems use a small pump to run the fuel from your tank into the lighter chamber. 

Fuel Feed System

This system uses a small tube that is placed into your fuel tank to draw the fluid through a small hole and into your lighter chamber. The tube remains connected to the fuel tank, which allows you to always have plenty of fluid supplied to your lighter. 


How to refill your lighter

Refilling your torch lighter is a very simple process that doesn't take too much time or effort. However, there are a few important steps you should make sure to follow when refilling your lighter. 


Always Make Sure The Lighter Is Empty

Before filling your lighter with fuel, it is essential to make sure the chamber is completely empty. This avoids having any fuel residue left in the chamber that could ignite and cause leaking and possibly even an explosion in the tank. It's best to remove the flame and let all of the fluid drain out before beginning to refill your lighter.

Avoid Using Any Types of Fuel Other than Torch Fuel

Only torch fuel should be used in your lighter. Using any other type of fuel could cause staining, clogging and possible damage to the lighter chamber and seals.

Keep Your Lighter Dry

One of the main reasons you will see flame leaking out of a torch lighter is due to humidity or rain water getting inside the tank. By keeping your lighter in a dry area, this will help prevent water from coming into contact with the seals inside the tank. This will increase longevity and also allow you to use your lighter for longer periods of time without having any issues.

Take Notice of Lighter Parts

When refilling your torch lighter, be sure to notice the different parts and pieces inside it. There are a few different parts that could break or become damaged over time if not properly cared for. Pay attention to the gas nozzle, fuel chamber and valve assembly.

All of these parts will need to be replaced immediately should they become damaged, as opposed to waiting for an extended period of time before replacing them.

Store Your Lighter Properly

When not in use, it is essential to store your torch lighter in a dry area away from any areas that could accumulate moisture or moisture vapors.


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