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Dry Herb Vaporizer

An Introduction to Dry Herb Vaporizers

You may have heard of the health benefits of using a vaporizer to vape dry herbs, but what exactly does that mean?

Vaporizing is a process by which herbs are heated to the point where they release their active ingredients, but below the point at which smoke is created. This "smoke" is then cooled and inhaled.  

This method does two things: 

1) It releases all these active ingredients with very little wasted product because there's no need for combustion.

2) It prevents toxins from forming when burnt at high temperatures. Instead of creating smoke, vaporizers heat herbs to create a vapor that is rich in the active ingredients.

There are several different heating technologies currently available, but all work on the same principle: to heat dry herbs to the point where the active ingredients are released.  

Many vapes make use of a "conduction style" heating element which heats only the surface of your herbs. Other models use "convection style" heating that pulls air through your herbs while simultaneously heating them. The end result is more efficient and flavorful vapor.

As you can see, vaporizing offers a healthier alternative to traditional smoking methods of using dry herb leaves.

A Brief History

Over the past few years, vaporizers have become very popular, especially with marijuana smokers. But the idea of a vaporizer actually isn't new. People have been using them for many different purposes for decades.

Vaporizers became popular for marijuana users because of both the health benefits it offers and the fact that it's a completely natural way to smoke dry herbs.

Many people have become quite attached to this device and use it for a variety of activities including:

  • medical cannabis consumption,
  • vaping herbs,
  • snuffing tobacco,
  • cooking meat on a grill (though research has shown that vaporizing at high temperatures may actually be carcinogenic and increase the risk of cancer),
  • and even aromatherapy.

The varieties of dry herb vaporizers

There are quite a number of different models available, and they vary greatly in terms of vapor quality, design, and price. Some brands are better than others (and some models that have been on the market for years are no longer being manufactured by the original manufacturers).

A vape pen is lightweight and almost unnoticeable. It is a handy device that allows you to vape your dry herb without ever having to burn it or smoke it, so you can enjoy the benefits of smoking without the second hand effects related to combustion. 

This type of vaporizer heats up the dry herb with convection technology, and it also comes with a large chamber so that you can pack in as much as you want before vaping. The herbal concentrate is heated until it turns into vapor which then goes through the whip and is released into your surroundings.

A great example of this type of dry herb vaporizer is The Hippie Pipe.

What about THC?

Although many users are attracted to this alternative because it offers some great health benefits, there are some restrictions. As long as you're using the right kind of (marijuana) leaf in small amounts, it can provide you with a lot of benefits without making you completely crazy or addicted to the substance behind it.

If you're feeling the effects of the consumption of THC, seek medical attention from a professional as soon as possible. It's always better to seek help before things get out of control.

Taking your vaporizer on the go

Vaporizing can be done in many ways: a portable vaporizer is perfect for taking it with you, especially if you want to take it anywhere. The main advantage of carrying your vaporizer with you is that you can enjoy the benefits on the go and it allows for complete discretion.

The most important advantage of using a portable vaporizer is that it allows you to use your dry herb anywhere you go. It is even more discreet than smoking since there is no smoke and no odor.

What kind of herbs can be vaporized?

vape dry herbs

Most people prefer to use their dry herb vaporizers with marijuana. But in fact, this device can be used with a wide variety of different herbs, including other psychoactive herbs like tobacco and even non-psychoactive ones like parsley.