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How Is the Hippie Bee Vaporizer Conserving the Bees?

If all bees disappeared on the face of the earth, human life would continue for at most four years. The authenticity of this statement is on the fact bees account for 84% of grown food.

In 2015 alone, 40% of bee colonies perished. A combination of disease, climate change, and pesticides contributed. It is both scary and worrying. The demise of bees will harm life on earth.

Now imagine walking into your nearest supermarket, and there is no honey on the shelves.

If nothing gets done to conserve bees, this is the reality to expect. If bees disappear, honey will disappear, and soon our plates will have nothing.

Although this doesn't need to happen, by creating awareness on bee conservation, we reshape the future. We save bees and secure food security.

It’s, for this reason, the Hippie decided to play a part in bee conservation. With the help of New York Bee Sanctuary, hippies will get the opportunity to give back to the community.

The collaboration between New York Bee Sanctuary and The Hippie is the start. We are encouraging vaping as you conserve bees and other pollinators.  


Benefits of Bees

  1. They make honey.

Humans have harvested honey for centuries. Currently, honey is an ingredient in drinks and baking for some cakes.

In modern medicine, it is used as medicine for sore throats. Honey is mixed with other drugs to form cough syrup; the purpose of honey is to soothe a sore throat.

Honey has an acidic property. This feature makes it useful as an anti-bacterial. For small cuts, burns or skin conditions, honey can be applied over the area affected.   

The antioxidant property of honey makes it useful to slow down aging.

  1. They Produce Bee wax.

Bee was a by-product of harvesting honey. Compared to honey, the bee wax is probably the most critical resource. Bee wax is flammable, and for years, it has been used to make candles. In the shoe industry, the by-product coats leather products. The purpose of this is to keep moisture out.

Bee wax is used in the food industry to seal cheese and other preserves. In the construction, nails are coated with wax. The wax makes it easy to slide through objects.

  1. They Make Propolis

Propolis is the compound used to seal cracks in the beehive. Propolis has some benefits, almost similar to bee wax. Ancient tribes used propolis to dress-up wounds, and used to seal off cracks to keep-off fungi and microbes. The propolis has properties that repel harmful organisms.


Now that we know the benefits of bees to humans, we understand their role in our ecosystem.

Before we look at how to protect bees, lets first know why bee is dying.

What is killing the Bees?

Pollinators and bees are disappearing fast than they are reproducing. With over 4000 species of bees in the country, we should expect this number to reduce in the coming years. As more and more bees are dying, you should expect a decrease in food production. Food shortage will be inevitable.

Some of the factors that contribute to killing bees are -

  1. Use of Neonicotinoids Pesticides

Neonicotinoids are the most popular class of insecticides used for agriculture. They are non-selective in the killing. The pesticide kills harmful pests, bees, and other pollinators. The use of neonicotinoids pesticides puts bee’s welfare at risk.

Neonicotinoids insecticides become popular with farmers due to their systemic features. 

A single application of the pesticides to the seeds guarantees long-term protection. It was attractive to farmers.

The chemical compounds find their way onto the nectar and pollen grains. The Neonicotinoids' class of insecticides affects bees. In huge concentration, they may end up killing pollinators and bees. Previous research done showed that pesticides increase vulnerability. Exposing bees to environmental factors leads to their demise.

  1. Loss of Habitat

The increase in demand for farming land has changed how to do farming. Modern farming methods focus on optimizing production on a fixed ground. These practices, in turn, contribute to destroying biodiversity.

Distorting the bio-diversity hinders pollination. When this happens, your existence is at risk.

Deforestation to clear land for farming destroys vegetation. Bees use the vegetation as forage. The spaces that bees used to nest are also gone. As these conditions keep increasing, more bees are missing food and places to build colonies.

Without a colony, there is no reproduction of new bees.   

  1. Diseases

The common disease affecting bees is colony collapse disorder. It was also known as the may disease or autumn disease. The disorder is a condition where worker bees fly out of the colony and disappear.

The queen bee is left behind with a few nurse bees. And this is the demise of the colony.


Now that we understand the factors that kill the bees, what can is to be done to preserve them?

New York Bee Sanctuary has come to the forefront to fight for the preservation of bees.

New York Bee Sanctuary: The Advocate for Bee Conservation In New York

Located in New York City is New York Bee Sanctuary. An organization is aiming to promote the conservation of bees and create awareness. The founder hopes to spread this message.

Bee conservation is crucial, not only in New York state but also across the country.

Established in 2015, Guillaume Gauthereau - the founder, felt the need to develop a bee sanctuary. He wanted people to have direct contact with bees.

The best way to understand bees is by connecting with them. Humans can only protect that which they know. It was here the dream of New York Bee Sanctuary come to life.

You are probably wondering, doesn't nature look after the bees? Yes, it does. But, destroying nature exposes bees to environmental elements.  

Over the decade, human activities have increased. Farming, for instance, and bees, have been the most affected insects. Their population has dwindled at an alarming rate.

New York Bee Sanctuary aims to establish Bee – Safe zones. They will have to engaging individuals, corporations, and partnerships with state governments.

The founder wanted to promote the conservation of pollinators and bees. Establishing the wildlife sanctuary was the first step.  

To accomplish its vision, New York Bee Sanctuary aims to do the following:

  • Conserve the environment to be friendly to bees.
  • Advocate and create awareness on the significance of bee and bee conservation.
  • Research collapse of the colony and establish a bee science hub in New York.
  • Educate the masses using the available learning platforms.

Bees are an essential insect to nature and evolution. The world would not be as it is, were it not for this small insect.

Steps Taken to Create Awareness on Bee Conservation

New York Bee Sanctuary's mission is to conserve, educate, research, and create awareness on bees. To help them meet their goal, they propose the following guideline:

New York Bee Sanctuary has a global movement, willing participants can join the BEE-SAFE movement and pledge.

Members of the movement cannot use pesticides or herbicides in their gardens. If you have a home garden, ensure you plant bee-friendly plants or native plants. You should avoid planting lawns around your homestead.

It creates awareness of the effect of weeding farms. Some vegetation is food for the bees. One is motivated to become aware of bees, and if possible, educate others. If you can become a beekeeper, go ahead.

You should stay connected with the New York bee sanctuary. Learn on the latest news about bee conservation.


The collaboration between the Hippie and New York Bee Sanctuary aims to create awareness among the vaping community. The hippie bee was a sign of our commitment to the cause.

The Hippie Bee

Hippie BEE vaporizer has the following features:

  • The vape mod weighs 75g and measures 84.3 x 47 x 12.5.
  • The craft of a portable pod system has an ergonomic design. It incorporates simplicity and efficiency in the design.
  • It comes together with a 380mAh rechargeable battery integrated with modern technology.
  • A 1.3ohm atomizer resistance.
  • Hippie bee Ultra-portable pod has a U-shape design. The unique shape facilitates airflow and makes it to be leak-proof.
  • Hippie bee guarantees reliability and comfortability. The ergonomic design enhances a firm grip by the palm.
  • The Hippie bee carries at most 2mL of vape juice.

The Hippie Bee Accessories

When you buy the Hippie Bee portable vape mod, the package comes with the following items:

  • 1 unit of Hippie bee vape mod
  • A 2ml refillable pod
  • A micro USB cord
  • A 380mAh rechargeable battery
  • A Vape juice injection bottle
  • A user manual

Benefits of Vaping Hippie Bee

By vaping the Hippie’s bee, you contribute to the bee conservation efforts. For every hippie bee vaporizer bought, a dollar goes to saving bees.   

Vaping Hippie bee is safer than any other alternative to smoking tobacco. The contents of vape juice do not cause cancer. There are no toxic compounds that pose health risks to vapers. Vaping has little contents of nicotine. Some of the vape juice has zero amount of nicotine. The lower levels of nicotine make vaping less addictive.

Vaping is environmentally friendly; the by-products have no adverse effect on the environment.

Factors to consider when buying a vaporizer

Make sure it is the hippie bee vaporizer, and it comes with all its accessories.

Parting shot

By now, you understand why bee conservation is crucial. You do not have to wait to make tomorrow to make a significant change.


Grab yourself the Hippie Bee vaporize and help save pollinators and bees. It is our pledge towards the effort of bee conservation. For every one piece of Hippie Bee that you buy, $1 (one dollar) will go towards bee conservation efforts. New York Bee Sanctuary will be the recipient.

Start today, get yourself the Hippie Bee, and save the bees.