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Best Cannabis Edibles

When you mix working from home with working in cannabis, it's hard not to be intrigued by the idea of making your own edibles

We went through the cupboard and came up with a list of our top ten edible cannabis dishes from the last year. 


10. Weed lollipops: A pleasant treat

Cannabis Desserts

Why it's great: What a terrific present idea!

Who it's for: Anyone who enjoys sweets and getting high

Perfect moment: When you're going for a long Saturday stroll and want something to eat while you're out there.

Nowhere near as good as “first time stoner at a dispensary.” This cannabis candy recipe calls for a tincture, a candy thermometer, candy molds, and lollipop sticks. The challenge is greater than other edibles, but it pays well. Weed candies are a great method to take a consistent dosage of THC (or CBD). The ideal cannabis treat to bring to any event, like candies or chocolate chip cookies (or hoard for yourself).

9. Cannabis salve topicals: Make your own salve-ation 

Taking cannabis balm out of a tin. Cannabis salves are easy to make at home. All you need is some coconut or olive oil, beeswax pastilles, a few utensils and a little bit of weed. 


Cannabis topicals

Why it's great: How to create a cannabis topical

Keto-friendly: Yes

Vegan:No (includes beeswax)

Who it's for: Cannabis topicals may help those who have had mixed success with pricey store-bought salves.

When your topicals aren't working and you need something stronger.

Cannabis topicals may help treat psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, and other inflammatory skin disorders. The issue is that they may be costly and ineffective. a double boiler, cheesecloth, and a container are all you need. Adding essential oils or other natural additions to the recipe is simple.


cannabis infused rice krispies


8. Rice Krispies: Cannabis infused Rice Krispies Treats 

Cannabis desserts

Why it's great: Easy to manufacture and dose

Keto: No

Vegan: No  (has butter and marshmallows)

Who it's for: Kids at heart who also enjoy edibles

Perfect moment: You're planning a party and need the perfect party goodie.

Rice Krispy Treats are an iconic American snack dish that will never go out of style, no matter how refined our taste senses get. The gooey, sweet, marshmallowy sweetness makes them tempting. Exactly the same with marijuana, sans the marshmallows. The second nice thing about this dish is how simple it is.


7. Delicious cannabis pizza: All those ninja turtles can’t be wrong  

Cannabis dinners

Why it's great: It takes one of the finest munchie remedies and adds marijuana to it.

Keto: No

Vegan: No (unless you make it without cheese)

It's fantastic for those who want to make their own pizza and edibles.

Making pizza dough with pals for the first time and putting it all online (with mixed results)

Weed and pizza are a match made in heaven. Food that requires no utensils, no dress code, and no reservations. Why not simply smoke a joint and get a pizza? This recipe is a great method to put THC directly into the crust. That means no candy or cannabis sweets. Instead, make this dish for the sheer enjoyment of it.


cannabis chocolate chip cookies


6. Chocolate chip cookies: Toll House meets Dope House 

Cannabis desserts

Why it's great: More enjoyable to eat than brownies

Who it's for: Those who like simple baking and cookies

The ideal setting: a cool glass of milk and your favorite TV program.

This recipe modifies one of the most economical American meals of the 20th century for the 21st century legalization frenzy. It's as easy as replacing cannabis butter for the Toll House chocolate chip cookie recipe. The outcome is a tasty cannabis dessert suited for a late-night pleasure or to offer to home visitors as a parting present.

5. Cannasugar — sweeten everything

Cannabis condiments

Why it's great: It sweetens everything and elevates you.

Keto: No

Who it's for: Those seeking an infused sweetener for beverages and meals

Perfect moment: With your coffee and a free Saturday morning

Cannabis sugar is ideal for baking cookies or making a cup of tea. Cannabis sugar is entirely soluble in water and low in calories, making it a fantastic alternative to cannabutter. Aside from that, cannabis sugar may be a fantastic technique to dose correctly for medicinal cannabis consumers. The method isn't difficult per se, but it does involve producing a tincture and then baking it to remove the alcohol. Nobody has to go to engineering school to do it, and that makes the ultimate product even better.


4. Weez-Its (Cheez-Its)

Cannabis Snacks

Why it's great: It takes a classic salty snack and amps it up.

Keto: No

Who it's for: Salty snack lovers

Perfect moment: It's 10 p.m. on a Friday night, your phone is off, and a bowl of Cheez- It's on the couch.

No one has ever eaten just one Cheez-It, according to historians. Cheez-Its become “Weez-Its” in minutes with a little application of cannabis oil and a fast bake. This recipe makes a great infused snack that can be added to trail mix, shared around at parties, or anywhere folks spend the night watching TV. With food like this, it's tempting to overindulge. Keep non-THC Cheez-Its on hand to satiate cravings.


cannabis milk


3. Cannamilk is excellent for you.

Milk. It's excellent for you. Cannamilk also makes the body feel wonderful. 

Cannabis beverages and condiments

Why it's great: Great on its own or in dishes like ice cream or creamsicles.

Keto: Yes

Vegan: No, however hemp almond milk is vegan.

It's perfect for those who like making milk-based desserts.

Perfect moment: Your summer plans include making cannabis ice cream.

Cannabis is excellent for you, so if you have milk, make some “cannamilk.” Cannamilk is prepared by infusing decarboxylated cannabis into milk. What makes it amazing is that it can be readily added to any dish to produce a handmade delectable. It may be enjoyed alone or added to a variety of dishes to enhance their enjoyment. Do you prefer milk with your coffee? Do you enjoy cookies dipped in cold milk? You got it.


2. THC gummies – our most popular recipe cannabis gummies 

Cannabis Snacks

Why it's great: What more is there to say about THC gummies?

Keto: No

Vegan: No (includes gelatin)

Anyone who enjoys sweets and requires careful dosage

Perfect moment: A night out with pals

What's not to love about THC gummy bears? This is our most popular recipe, and it's simple to see why. Gummy edibles are trendy right now, but they may be pricey. This recipe allows you to quickly manufacture your own batch in any mold and alter the intensity to your liking. Gummies are easy to dose and make a great party favor. What's not to love?


canna-butter oil

1. Using cannabutter and canna oil to make edibles

Recipe type: Basics

Why it's great: You want to bake? You're almost there.

Keto: Yes

Vegan: Only oils

It's ideal for anybody who wants delicious building blocks.

Perfect moment: Whenever you need it for edibles.

THC and CBD are fat soluble, thus you require a fat to metabolize them. Making cannabis oil and butter is straightforward with a pot or double boiler, cheesecloth, and a container to pour it all into. You can also simply tweak the strength of the cannabis fat and use it in any dish by adding a teaspoon here or there.