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Foods That Can Enhance the Benefits of Cannabis

You have probably experienced that if you smoked cannabis, the food in your house just doesn’t seem enough. In that case, here's a list of foods that are not only healthy, but they will also enhance your high to an extent. Let us have a look: 

1. Chocolate

Who does not love chocolate? Chocolate contains a chemical compound with the name of anandamide that gives you a feeling of happiness after you have eaten it. Scientists have found out that cannabis also contains this compound and when you pair chocolate and cannabis you will feel that euphoric feeling. Well, this makes sense why you get such a great high experience when you eat brownies. 

2. Broccoli

This vegetable contains beta caryophyllenes inside and it will work great with cannabis to reduce inflammation and pain. 

3. Mango

You might be thinking why is this on the list? Mango and cannabis are some of the best pairings you can make because the fruit contains high levels of myrcene terpenes. The components then bind with the receptors of THC. What is the effect? You will get high faster and your high will also last longer. 

4. Tea

Tea contains many antioxidants, and this will work great with the cannabinoids. Your brain receptors will enhance into a calm and peaceful state. 

5. Sweet potatoes

What vitamins do sweet potatoes contain? They have a lot of vitamin E and vitamin B. These vitamins have a great impact on serotonin and so does cannabis. So again, if you want a great combo, eat sweet potatoes while you are getting high. 

6. Nuts

Nuts contain a lot of healthy fats and it will help you reach your high faster. 

7. Herbs and spices

herbs cannabis effect


Herbs and spices will not only let your food taste better, but it will make your high better too. Herbs and spices contain a lot of terpenes and it is this that gives it that potent flavor and scents. 

Now that we looked at the foods that will enhance your high here are some more tips to enhance your high: 

1. You can experiment with different strains

The type of strains you smoke will make a difference in your high. So start trying out different strains. 

2. You can experiment with the way you smoke your cannabis

Don’t just stick to one method, try others out too such as smoking joints, use a bong or a pipe, something else you can try is vaping. 

3. Get exercising

By exercising before or after you have smoked or vaped weed, whatever method you prefer, will also intensify your high. Studies have shown that by exercising, 15% more THC will reach the brain. 

4. Try edibles

If you want to ingest cannabis but want to be discreet at the same time, edibles will be a great choice. 

There are many options of edibles out there. Haven’t tried edibles out yet? Get yourself some edibles after you have finished reading this article! 

5. Adjust your hits

You can also adjust the size of your hits. It may seem that rolling a large joint will intensify your hit, but let me tell you a secret, taking smaller hits more often will result in intensified hits. 

6. Upgrade

Upgraded your bong or vape. By doing this you will also experience a more intense hit.


Benefits of cannabis

cannabis vape benefits

Aside from the high, let me tell you about the other benefits you will experience with cannabis. A high and benefits, what more do you want? 

  • It will help you lose weight

Have you ever noticed that those who use cannabis regularly are usually not overweight? This is because cannabis is helping your body regulate your insulin as well as your calorie intake. 

  • It will help relieve chronic pain

There are many cannabinoids that form part of cannabis and these cannabinoids have been proven to relieve chronic pain. 

  • Help reduce anxiety and depression

When you use cannabis in the correct dosage it can help alleviate your anxiety and calm you down. The endocannabinoid compounds that can be found in cannabis helps to stabilize your moods and this will help if you suffer from depression. 

  • Helps to treat inflammatory bowel disease

THC and cannabidiol will help to improve your immune response. It also interact with cells that play an important role in how your gut functions. Cannabis will help block the bacteria or any other compounds that cause inflammation in your intestines. 

If you are interested in the benefits that cannabis has to offer, here are some weed products:

Cannabis beverages

In Colorado dispensaries like Medicine Man sell cannabis cola and fruit punch. There are also multiple coffee shops in New York that sell cannabis-infused coffee.

Cannabis chocolates

As you might have heard edibles are a very popular form of cannabis that is used to get high. Get your medicine and snack in one by eating some cannabis chocolate.

Cannabis gummies

Okay so you want some sweeties, but you are not in the mood for chocolate, why not get yourself some cannabis gummies.

Cannabis capsules

If you are not looking for something sweet and just want something that can get the job done, cannabis capsules will be perfect for you. Capsules are also often more popular for the usage of CBD.

Cannabis treats for pets

Yes, we can't forget about your furry friends, they need treats too. Please make sure that the products you buy are from reputable companies and that the products are specially designed for your furry friend.

Cannabis beauty and skincare products 

CBD can help fight acne. It can also help relieve pain and make you feel relaxed. Have you ever tried bath bombs before? Well, what is better than a bath bomb? A cannabis-infused bath bomb that will make you feel relaxed and calm. 

After reading this article you will know how to achieve the best high. I hope you guys found this article interesting and helpful. What method of ingesting cannabis do you prefer? Are you more of an edibles person or are you more old school and prefer to get high by smoking or vaping? Let us know!