Introductory Price: $ 89.99 $ 79.99
No more indicators.
Only rapid heating.
On Demand
Heating Experience
Upgraded flavor
You can enjoy rapidly,
with the power of convection.
Enjoy our proprietary
Telescopic Design
Easy filling,
no extra parts.
30 percent
bigger chamber
The Pipe X features a
redesigned herb chamber
that allows for faster
heating and smoother
vapor quality without
the need for an indicator.
A bit of
extra protection
The Carbon Fiber ring serves as
an extra layer of protection
around the air path
to shield your fingers from
potentially hot surfaces.
It isn't heated directly nor
has any contact with the air
that moves through the pipe.
The insulating properties of
the carbon fiber simply helps
to keep an extra part of the Pipe
safe to touch.
Activate convection
When used correctly, the Pipe X becomes a hybrid
convection/conduction vape since you're
inhaling while the chamber is being
heated, the hot air moves through
the herb and extracts the
active ingredients
from it.
How to use
the Pipe X
How to clean
the Pipe X
Same cool look

Wooden handle and real carbon fibre

Sold separately. Or bundle
Top Vaping Experience Bundle
Under $100
Double torch and holder included
Unique scoop filling
Herb container
All this for only $99.99

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