Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter*

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Best used with the Hippie Pipe!

This Windproof Lighter is equipped with 2 Burners, using less fuel to produce a strong, double jet flame to light your Hippie Pipe!  Even works great in windy conditions with an effective, hot flame.

- This lightweight, sleek and compact design is great for on-the-go use (Size: 3.9'' x 1.1'' x 0.47'' & Weight: 2.49oz)

- This Butane Torch Lighter has a manual open safety cap (attached) along with a  large butane adjustment knob for convenience to adjust the flame.  The Butane Gas is also refillable.

- 1 Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter
- Deluxe Gift Box
- User Manual

**Lighter ships empty, gas is not included
**Hippie Pipe is sold Separately

How to fill the Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter:

1. First, turn the flame intensity down to minimum at the bottom of the lighter.
2. Then using any point tool, press into the valve to release any leftover gas.
3. Grab your butane cannister and press down on the valve to pump gas into the lighter.
4. Turn the flame intensity back up again.
5. Lastly, adjust the flame intensity to your liking. 

You may also see the video below: