Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter

$ 29.99
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Best used with the Hippie Pipe!

This Windproof Lighter is equipped with 2 Burners, using less fuel to produce a strong, double jet flame to light your Hippie Pipe!  Even works great in windy conditions with an effective, hot flame.

This lightweight, sleek and compact design is great for on-the-go use (Size: 3.9'' x 1.1'' x 0.47'' & Weight: 2.49oz)

This Butane Torch Lighter has a manual open safety cap (attached) along with a  large butane adjustment knob for convenience to adjust the flame.  The Butane Gas is also refillable.


- 1 Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter
- Deluxe Gift Box
- User Manual

**Please note that gas is not included and it will be shipped empty.


How to fill the Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter: 

- First, Bleed the chamber/lighter
- Turn the dial all the way down towards the negative
- Insert fuel nozzle and give multiple pumps of Butane lighter fluid