Hippie is more than a lifestyle, it is a mindset. Dare to be original

   As most people are probably very well
   aware of the 1960s youth movement
   that eventually turned into a counterculture,
  nowadays the Hippie era is talked about as the stuff of

   Even though there will always be some
   that frown upon it, it is undeniably true
   that the Hippie movement has
   radically influenced the 20th century
   in a variety of ways.

   “Hippy is an establishment label for a profound,
   invisible, underground, evolutionary process.
  For every visible hippy,
   barefoot, beflowered, beaded,
   there are a thousand invisible members of the turned-on underground.
   Persons whose lives are tuned in
   to their inner vision,
  who are dropping out of the
   TV comedy of American Life.”

   ― Timothy Leary

   Former co-founder of “Vaporize 101”
  and creator of The Hippie Pipe set out on a quest in 2013
   which would lead him on a journey to seek out
   new technological advancements
   that can potentially transform the way we view
   plants with medicinal properties, healthy alternatives to using those plants
   while paying homage to the free thinkers,
   the movers and the shakers of society.
   We honor the original who dares to be different and
   salute the pioneers who boldly go where nobody else has gone before them.