Father's Day Promo

$ 119.99
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For a limited time only, get the perfect Father's Day deal for just $119.99:

  • Hippie Pipe X: Our signature, sleek, and portable pipe designed for optimal performance and ease of use with amazing flavor.
  • Double Jet Flame Torch Lighter: Perfect for quick and even lighting, ensuring a consistent burn every time.
  • Pipe Holder: A convenient and elegant holder to keep your pipe, lighter and herb stash secure and ready for use.
  • Silver Collar: For more even heating and enhances flavor and experience.
  • Bubbler Kit: Enhance your sessions with smoother, water-cooled hits using the easy-to-attach bubbler.
  • Rocket Keychain Grinder: Grind on the go with this compact and efficient keychain grinder.

Everything you need, all in one. Treat yourself or the vaping enthusiast in your life to the Hippie Pipe X Father's Day offer today!