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Windproof Lighter

It's always frustrating when you have a lighter but can't get it to work because of the wind. Thankfully, this article covers everything you need to know about choosing a windproof lighter! 

Choosing the best windproof lighter is important for many reasons.

Windproof lighters make outdoor activities like camping, fishing and cooking much easier and more enjoyable. Wind can interfere with even the most experienced smoker’s ability to produce a flame on their cigarette or cigar.

If you are someone who enjoys smoking cigars or cigarettes as part of your weekend activity, then investing in a quality windproof lighter should be at the top of your priority list for outdoor essentials.


Windproof lighters are essential for outdoor enthusiasts, but choosing the right one is not as simple as simply deciding on a price range. It is vital to buy a lighter that has a durable construction, ensures that it will work in winds of 15 mph or more, and that it fits straight into your pocket or wallet.

There are different types of windproof lighters out there, including models with cigar tubes and wind indicator lights. The quality of the lighter itself can also vary from one model to another.

At present there are several brands on the market which offer windproof lighters for about $10 to $20 USD, and these windproof lighters often perform well despite their low prices. Other brands have been known to sell windproof lighters for over $100 USD, but will not fare as well in windy conditions.

The Hippie Double Jet Flame Torch Windproof lighter

What to look for in a Windproof lighter:

  • Easy to operate.
  • Need to be durable and reliable to ensure they can stand up against high winds, while still providing you with a strong flame for lighting your cigar or cigarette. 
  • Should be made with a strong metal outer shell, while also featuring an industry standard fuel window and ignition that is easy to use. 
  • Feature an adjustable flame control.
  • Should have a strong and sturdy feel in your hands, while also featuring a simple design with an easy ignition system that has no moving parts. 
  • Features a butane window so you can see how much fuel is left in the tank. Most lighters will come with instructions on how to fill the fuel tank as well as how often they need to be filled.
  • Fits snugly in your pocket or wallet, and that does not have any unnecessary features that could hinder its effectiveness if it gets blown out. 
  • There are many different types of caps for lighters these days, but a good quality windproof lighter would want to feature a simple design without any extra features or holes around it. 

  • A good quality design that will account for the potential of wind by creating a small air pocket between the bottom of the lighter and the flint wheel when it is closed. This allows the wind to quickly push fuel away from the flint wheel, preventing a strong ignition. The air pocket should also be created at the bottom of the lighter to prevent the flame from being blown out by wind.

Other than performance, another major consideration when choosing a windproof lighter is price. Like everything else, windproof lighters range from low priced models to more expensive ones that are more durable or feature extra functions.

However, the best windproof lighters are those that perform well despite their low prices.


How to use your windproof lighter

How to Use Your Windproof Lighter

Windproof lighters need to be easy to use. 

Most windproof lighters will have an ignition button on the side of the lighter, and most will also have a fuel window at the bottom of the lighter. The ignition button needs to be easy to press and a lighter should also ignite easily when in use. 


It’s important for a windproof lighter to have an adjustable flame control so you can get a strong flame when needed. You should never have to push down on the flame control with too much force, otherwise it could break off or not work properly.

Buying a windproof lighter that fits snugly into your pocket or wallet can be the difference between enjoying your outdoor activity or having to go back to the store for another lighter, meaning a wasted trip and/or wasted money. A quality windproof lighter should not have any unnecessary features that will create problems when it is in use.

It’s also important to consider the design of the lighter. Some lighters are known for their built-in storage spaces that fit items like cigarettes, cigars, matches and lighters inside them. The space you can fit inside a compartment or inside a case will depend on the design of the case, but some cases can easily fit two lighters without too much effort. A lighter that comes with a case is a great investment and will ensure that your lighter is protected from damage or from being blown away by strong winds.

A lighter should also fit nicely in your hands, and you should not feel like it will slip out of your hands at any time. A quality windproof lighter should be made with high-quality materials, and they should be durable because windproof lighters can get knocked around quite a bit when they are in use.

It’s also important to ensure that the fuel window on the side of the lighter is large enough for you to see how much fuel is left inside the tank. Windproof lighters come with genuine, premium-quality butane gas tanks, and most companies will offer a warranty because of this. A good brand is one that offers a warranty on their products.

A quality windproof lighter will also feature an ignition system that is easy to use. It’s also important to consider the design of the lighter and how you plan on using it when you buy one.

A windproof lighter should be durable, easy to use and give off enough flame for your needs.

A good brand is one that can stand up to the test of time, and they should have a reasonable price tag when compared to similar products on the market today.

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