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What is a Wax Pen Pipe Vaporizer

A wax pen-pipe-vaporizer is a type of tobacco pipe vape that looks like an actual pipe but heats your material much more efficiently and evenly than a traditional bowl. The device uses a small thin wire as the wick to light up, providing gentle heat for even evaporation.

These devices are great for people looking specifically for a smooth, more refined hit that doesn't leave you feeling sick afterwards. Wax pen-pipes provide the best vapor quality you can get from smoking e-liquids or loose herbs. There is also much less mess and waste with no ash to clean up. 

The term "wax" is used because the wick is heated with a natural type of wax that melts and drips onto the heating coil, producing nice cool vapor. Wax pens are great for people looking to smoke e-juice on the go as they are discreet, easy to use and you can just puff a little bit without worrying about wasting or having too much nicotine in your system.

In most of the countries vaporizer is banned so you can't just buy these everywhere. The best place to get your vaporizer is online. 


hippie w wax vaporizer

One of the most popular wax vape pens is The Hippie W. It's a good choice if you're looking for a mini concentrate vaporizer that offers ease of use and great flavor. This unit is full ceramic chamber that features no coil that has a glass mouthpiece, hence the good taste. 

If you're not sure about which type of atomizer / mouthpiece is best for you, check out our wax vape pen buying guide to find the one that's right for your vaping style.

Tip: Wax vape pen-pipes are especially easy to use if you take a few minutes before lighting up to prime the wick by filling it with gel or oil and heating it in some warm water until it's melted. Then just let the wick dry just a little bit and then you're ready to go!

Before choosing a wax vaporizer, there are some things that you need to know.

Performance Parts

So, if a wax pen-pipe-vaporizer has three parts that are crucial to its performance, what are they?

  1. The heating coil/wick: This is the part that heats your material by drawing heat from the element or battery. Most wax pen-pipes use a small thin wire as the wick and connect it to a heating coil. You can adjust the temperature to suit your taste by changing the voltage.

You should choose a wax vaporizer that has a good coil and wick, if you want to get clean, smooth hits and taste your material. Most top rated wax pen-pipes heat up in under 10 seconds or less which is great for on-the-go hits. Look for one that gives you full control of both heat time and temperature so you can dial in the perfect setting for every session.


Hippie W wax vape

  1. The chamber: This is where you put your material for heating. The size of the chamber will vary from pen to pen depending on how often you vape at once and how much material you typically use at a time. The bigger the chamber, the better as it allows you to get more hits before needing to reload.

Most wax vape pen-pipes come with a chamber that holds about 1.5ml of material at a time, which is what we recommend starting with. 

  1. The atomizer/mouthpiece: This is where your vaping material sits on the heating coil after heating up in the chamber. Most wax vaporizer pens have a unique design but essentially, there are 4 main types of atomizers/mouthpieces:
    • Round: Like a regular mouthpiece for smoking pipes or cigars.
    • Bubblers: These are great for water pipes, but they work best with wax. The wick goes in the water and then you add your material to the mouthpiece. A round wick atomizer will not work with viscous materials like oils or e-liquids. 
    • Chambered/U-Shaped: These look like a regular mouthpiece but instead of having a flat surface, there is a small chamber on the inside of it where you put your material. This is similar to what you find on an oil or e-cig pipe, but it has a chamber in the middle that is used to heat up the vapor. 
    • Airflow: The most common type of mouthpiece and it can be described as any kind of atomizer that is shaped like a regular mouthpiece but it has holes in the middle of it that allow air to pass through. These are great if you're not looking for much flavor but you want a light draw because they act like a humidifier.

You can choose a wax pen-pipe vaporizer that has nearly any type of atomizer/mouthpiece, so feel free to choose based on what you want the most out of your vape.

Today, most wax pen-pipes use an atomizer/mouthpiece that has a built-in coil near the heating element and a wick. This means that you don't need to worry about connecting a separate coil and the mouthpiece to make it work. On most of these types of atomizers/mouthpieces, you just fill up the chamber with your material, press the button and begin vaping.

When choosing a vaporizer, there are many things you should consider. 

Here are the main points to keep in mind when looking at wax pen-pipe-vaporizers:

  1. Price: The cost of a wax vaporizer varies depending on what you're looking for and how much you want to spend. Most wax pen-pipes range from $50-$300 and there are some models out there that cost more than $1000! However, don't worry as we've done the research for you so we can honestly say that there is a vape out there for every budget and most wax pen-pipe-vaporizers do not break the bank. 
  1. Battery/Power Source: The most important thing to consider when picking out a wax pen-pipe-vaporizer is the battery. There are two different types of batteries that you can select based on what you want:
    • Rechargeable Batteries: These are great as they use USB chargers and you will never have to go out and buy new batteries or worry about running out of juice! Most vaporizers that have rechargeable batteries will come with a charger, but in some cases, it is possible to recharge a vape by plugging it into your computer.

These are great as they use USB chargers and you will never have to go out and buy new batteries or worry about running out of juice! Most vaporizers that have rechargeable batteries will come with a charger, but in some cases, it is possible to recharge a vape by plugging it into your computer.  

    • Non-Rechargeable Batteries: If you'd rather not deal with the hassle of charging your vape, then non rechargeable batteries are for you. They do cost more money at first compared to refillable batteries, but over time, they actually cost much less because you'll be buying new ones less often. 
  1. Adjustable Temperature Control: The most important thing to keep in mind with any kind of vaporizer is the quality of the glass or quartz used in its construction. This type of material is used because it can withstand extreme heat and it does not melt or burn under elevated temperatures.

What are your favorite wax pen-pipe-vaporizers? We would love to see your recommendations in the comments below so make sure you share them with us!