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Is vaping and working out bad?

You are into fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. You hit the gym a few times a week and go for a run here and there, but the question is, will your vaporizer influence your performance while working out?

Vaping does not contain the chemicals that tobacco cigarettes do; no tar will go lay on your lungs that will influence the functionality of your lungs during a workout.

Are you vaping nicotine e-liquids?

vaping and working out

If yes, did you know that this can increase your workout performance? Yes, you read that right, nicotine is a stimulant that will give you an extra boost of energy. There have been weightlifters that have reported that vaping gave them renewed energy. Here are 

the effects that vaping has on a workout:

Increases your heart rate

Before you think negatively, please read on. A faster heartbeat will increase the blood flow to your muscles and oxygen will reach the parts of your body faster and this is what you need. Nicotine can mentally and physically prepare you for a workout.

Respiratory system

If you are going to do heavy cardio it is best not to vape before or after your workout, because you may experience heavy breathing.

 But here is my advice for you if you are worried about how vaping is going to influence your performance when working out, stop worrying. If you were a smoker and have recently switched to vaping, you will already see a big improvement physically. Even if you are new to the game and a first-time vaper, only you can decide how vaping influences your workout.

On Reddit, someone reported that they were a smoker for 5 years and switched to vaping and that they never have run longer in their life thanks to vaping. 

So, all in all, it depends on you what you prefer. If you want to vape before or after your workout, do whatever makes you happy.