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How to Take Care of Your Vape Pen: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

Vaping is a cool alternative to smoking but vape pens are very delicate. If you do not take proper care of them, this can lead to mishaps to something as minor as leaks to something as major as explosions (yes, what you heard in the news can happen but it only happens because the vape owners were careless).

Vaping is not just about looking cool and having a good time – it also comes with a responsibility to clean and maintain your device to make your vape pen last longer and give quality vapor all the time.

If you are one of those vapers who only think of doing it for show and have no idea how to clean and maintain a vape pen properly, there is no need to worry.

This guide will teach you the proper ways to clean your vape pen for optimal performance and give you maintenance tips to help prolong your vape pen’s lifespan.

How to Clean Your Vape Pen

When your vape is not offering the same quality vapor or if the flavor is not as strong, it is a sign that you should clean out your vape pen. Residues from every session can get stuck and accumulate in the tank and this can compromise the flavor and performance of even the best vape pen in the market.

Whether you have a vape that costs $50 or $500, regular cleaning is always a must. In fact, expert vapers advise you clean your vape pen every time you need to refill it.

When it comes to cleaning your vape pen, the first step you should do is to read the user’s manual. Not all vape pens are designed the same way. There may be some specific cleaning instructions recommended by the manufacturer and you should not miss out on that. 

If your user’s manual does not come with any specific cleaning instructions, you can use the methods in this guide. You do not need to make any extra purchases for the purpose of cleaning your vape pen. Sometimes all you need is a microfiber towel or a clean cloth, Q-tips, and alcohol.

Read on to know the specific steps on cleaning your vape pen:

Cleaning the Tank

If your vape pen has a detachable tank, the first thing you should do is to take the coil out. Detach the tank from the pen and then pour out any residues. If there are still some left, put the tank back on and power up your pen for about two to three minutes to burn off or loosen the stubborn residue. Then, take the tank apart and clean the parts with warm water.

Make sure you do not wet the battery section, buttons, and charging port. Use a dry microfiber towel to wipe the water off the components. Air dry them and only put the tank together when every part is completely dry.

If your vape pen is a one-piece design, cleaning can be a little challenging since you can not use water to clean your device. The safest way to clean units like this is to use a Q-tip. Soak the Q-tip in distilled water or propylene glycol and carefully wipe the insides of the tank. After, wipe off with a dry Q-tip. 

Cleaning the Vape Coil

Vape coils are very important when it comes to maintaining and delivering the flavor of your chosen vape concentrates. It is very important that they stay clean at all times. There are two types of vape coils: replaceable and rebuildable. Keep in mind that these two, although they perform the same function, are cleaned differently.

For replaceable coils, you can use the soak and rinse method. Let them soak in vinegar, vodka, or ethanol for a couple of hours then rinse it out with running water. Make sure that you blow air on the open side of the coil to force the water out from the wicking holes. Set it aside to air dry under the heat of the sun. This will take some time.

But take note that these are replaceable so you cannot just keep cleaning them – they will wear out right away. It is better if you just keep stock and replace them with a new one instead of cleaning them out.

As for rebuildable coils, cleaning is definitely a requirement. Coils gunked up with residue will not only compromise the flavor but also the production of vapor.

First, you have to remove the wick from the coils. If your coils do not look that dirty, you can do a quick burn off where you click on the fire button a couple of times to remove the remaining vape liquid. Once the coil has cooled down, you can return the wick. But if the coils still look dirty after the burnout, you should do some deeper cleaning. You can brush them off with a coil cleaning tool or an old toothbrush then rinse under rolling water. End the cleaning process by doing another burnout to remove any droplets of water remaining in the coil.

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