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Hippies and Their Way of Smoking Grass

Flower smokers have come a long way now. In the past, hippies used to smoke grass in back alleys now the hipsters smoke in public from a stylish vape pen. 


As a new age smokers, you must think the hippie era was the golden era for weed smokers. You could grow some good quality weed. However, smoking was not as easy as you think it was. In the hippie era, weed smokers had to smoke in private. For this reason, the law regulating bodies was on petrol to hunt down hippies.

In those days, media played a significant part in ruining weed and weed smoker's image in from of the world. They made civilians so scared of the hippies that they started avoiding passing though back alleys and parks at night. Because they knew they would find hippies smoking Weed there. They made the world "hippie" bad for people. 

On the other hand, hippies were scared to death from the police. Because they knew, if the police caught them with Weed, they put them in jail.

However, things have entirely changed now. Now the hippies have evolved into hipsters. The hipsters are free. They are allowed to smoke marijuana according to law. The hipsters are the new cool. You can find hipsters smoking Weed through their cool gadgets everywhere now. 

I think that the significant difference between hipsters and hippies is education. The hippies did not know how weed works. However, the new age hipsters are more aware. They understand how weed is making life better for them. Hipsters are the new cool. It has become a fashion. 

The Hippie Times

Those were the darkest days of human history, the world was on the verge of nuclear war, and the holocaust was about to begin. On the other hand, people in the west were discovering the marijuana plant and its psychedelic properties. 

Now the world knows these weed lovers by the name of hippies. Now we consider hippies cool. However, in those days, people used to look down at the hippies.

However, hippies were the cool people that did not follow the social norms. They wore different clothes, did their hair differently, wore big colorful sunglasses. They did not care if they have hair all over their body. They were big fans of psychedelic exploration. They wanted to spread the message of love and acceptance. 

Since they were so different from the world, the world put them in counterculture groups. They abused them. The authorities tried to lock them up. However, they would not stop being different from the crowd. After dealing with unfair circumstances for the longest time, hippies started their movement. They called it the hippie movement.

The 1959 movement was all about spreading the message of love and equality. In counter of the campaign, the authorities at the time started doing intense scrutinizing in all factors of life like lifestyle, values, and social institutions. 

Before the movement even started, Professor Timothy Leary began to study more about the psychedelic mushrooms and LSD. He was researching their therapeutic benefits on humans. However, a few psychiatrists like Dr. Lester Grinspoon stopped the professor from taking the research further. For this reason, it was against the anti-cannabis campaign going on at the time. 

The Hipster Times

The current age is all about hipsters. The new-age hipsters have a lot of liberty and support. In recent times, Weed is legal almost everywhere. The legalization of the herb has removed the widely known stigma from the herb's name. 

Since Weed was illegal in the 1960s and 1970s, people used to smuggle Weed into the country. Since the Weed was coming from farther lands, the distance and harsh travel conditions were affecting the potency of the herb. For this reason, the long journey was exposing the plant to extreme conditions like heat. It used to affect the herb so much that the THC percentage used to drop to a whopping 1%.

This means the hippies had to smoke 5 to 6 cannabis cigarettes to get the buzz we get from the current cannabis cigarettes. The smuggled cigarettes were also costly. Therefore, in the 1980s, people finally found out an effective solution for the situation. 

People started growing high-quality weed at their homes without soil through nutrients infused solutions and materials. This is the primary reason you hear the old weed smokers say today's weed is nowhere near the weed they used to have in the 80s. The weed planters still use this technique of growing weed.

Back in the days, only 12% of the population got exposure to weed. Since Weed has become legal, the number has spiked up to a whopping 44%. However, weed legalization is only one reason. Another primary reason for weed becoming this popular is people's exposure to the herb. 

The current age is also an internet age. People have access to all kinds of knowledge. The legalization of the herb has spiked great interest benefits of Weed. The new age people do not believe anything that sees on media. They do their research and build an opinion. 

Now, we have a lot of positive information about the plant on the internet. The positive news is changing everybody's view of the plant. They are learning how tobacco cigarettes and alcohol are worse than consuming cannabis. People are discovering how cannabis can help them in curing chronic diseases and pains.

The positive education about the herb has finally moved weed smoking to the mainstream. People are starting to accept the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. The herb has become so prevalent around the world that you can find businesses advertising their cannabis business publicly.

Now you can walk into stores and buy as much cannabis as you want. The best thing about the new generation is people will not judge you for it. Cannabis losing its drug stigma is making hipster the new cool. 

In this age, if you do not own a vaping pen, you are not cool. It is becoming a fashion now. 

Story Time! How Weed Entered America?

At the beginning of the 20th century, weed was not as widespread as it is now. In those times, nobody knew about weed other than Black jazz musicians. In late 1920, the government also put restrictions on alcohol consumption.

In those times, people were big fans of liquor. You can say they loved diving in whiskey pools while listening to jazz music and having a cigarette or cigar lit in their hand. However, the jazz musicians were more into their creation, which they called "jazz cigarettes." The Jazz musicians used to roll the cigarettes in front of the crowd.

The way they rolled the cigarette got the listener's attention. They were intriguing the listeners at the time. They saw the jazz musicians getting high in front of their eyes. They saw how the musicians used to zone out. Since alcohol was, banned people started getting attracted to weed. 

However, quickly things changed. The authorities started taking action against weed smoking. They began putting bans on cannabis plant possession. On the other hand, the media started playing its role. The movie makers of the time put together a movie against the use of marijuana.

The movie was all about marijuana is running it for innocent cigarettes; how it triggers irrational behavior in people. People become very silly and violent after their use. The movie showed everything marijuana was not. 

Even though the movie showed the wrong side of marijuana, people got curious and started trying the so-called drug. When people consumed the medication, they figured it is not that bad after all. People then started consuming marijuana in hidings. After some time, they began smuggling it, and later they started privately growing it. 

After suffering quietly, the hippies started coming out. They started the iconic hippie movement. The movement was to make the government care about the better thing than smoking pot.

After a lot of struggle put during the hippie movement and post-hippie movement, the 2014 government finally legalized medical marijuana use. Later in 2018, the government lifted all the restrictions on the herb, and the regular person got access to the herb.   

The Hippie Struggles

In the past, when hemp did not have the name it has now, hippies faced a lot of discrimination. Identifying a hippie was not very difficult at the time. 

In those times, when people saw a hippie walking casually, they would shout names at them. They would call hippies stoners, Arlo, buzz, Marley, and whatnot. 

The lawmakers ordered the law regulating bodies to jail anyone that possesses the herb. Therefore, the cops started invading suspect's privacy by investigating their cars and homes in an unprofessional manner.

People were scared of the hippies that they would not let them buy things from their shops. They would not let them pass from their streets. The regular people used to avoid any kind of contact with the hippies. 

From Budless Blunts to Vape Pens

Weed smoking has come a long way since the 1920s. The 1920s weed-smoking looked nothing like the new generation weed smoking. In the 20s, the jazz musicians used to roll the ground marijuana buds in cigarette papers. The cigarette papers did not work the best in this matter because they were very thin to complement the herb. This kind of weed-smoking lased for many years. 

However, after the hippie movement, things changed for weed smokers. Seeing the hype in marijuana consumption, rolling paper companies entered the market. 

After the introduction of the rolling papers, the hippies started rolling their hemp in the rolling paper. The major selling point of the rolling papers was they would not tear when you lick them.

In the 60s, people started coming up with innovative tools that would help hippies roll better blunts. Therefore, in that era, they also come up with the iconic double album. The double album is the mother of all rolling stations and trays that you see on the market. 

The 60s weed cigarettes did not have a bud. The hippies used to squeeze one end of the cigarette tightly to smoke and lit up, not so tight end. Their joints were simple, but they produced a lot of smoke and combustion.

Later in the 1980s, the Mexicans discovered joints, things changed after this discovery. The mix of tobacco with weed was unique and beginner-friendly. It would not produce as much smoke. The high was not as intense, and the taste was similar to cigarettes and weed.

When you talk about modern-day weed, you get a wide range of options. There are different kinds of cannabis that you can smoke. Some weeds will provide you with different types of high and various kinds of smoke. Now you can smoke weed through a vaporizer, vapes pens, blunts, and joints. 

The hippie vaporizer has a revolutionary vaping pen if you are looking for a decent vaping pen. The pen is not only suitable for weed smoking but is also ideal for resins and herbs smoking. 

The analog vaporizing pen has an innovative design, which is compact and aesthetically pleasing. The Hippie team make their vaporizers from top-notch materials like 100% real carbon and use ebony to make the handle. The pen comes with a telescopic heating chamber. The hippie pipe is all you need from a vaporizer.



Final Feedback 

Weed smoking has come a long way now in the past. People used to make shoes and ropes out of the cannabis plant. Later, people started using it for recreational purposes. When the government banned hemp use altogether, people began growing it in their houses, and now it is commercially available for everyone.  

Who could think that the simple pod smoking would turn in to pen smoking? The world is progressing every day. You can only imagine what more changes we will see after a few years. The recent cancer experiment seems so promising that I feel we will be seeing cancer patients smoking pod instead of getting chemotherapies.