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Conserve Your Herbs & Save Money by Vaping

How Much Herb & Money does Vaping Save You?

Last I posted, I covered the differences between vaping and smoking. And one of my favorite topics from that discussion is how vaping saves you not only money but also conserves your herbs.

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Specifically, a study by California NORML and MAPS produced the following discoveries on weed (1):

  • A whopping 46% of marijuana's active ingredient, THC, is delivered into vapor.
  • Only 25% of marijuana's THC is delivered through joints, blunts, or pipes.
  • Marijuana joints lose lots of THC through side smoke (a.k.a. smoke going into the air).

This research shows a serious difference between vaping herb and smoking it. And I want to expand on this topic by covering the following:

  1. More interesting research on the efficiency of herbal vaporizers.
  2. How much money herbal vaporizers save you.
  3. Other benefits of herbal vaporizers versus traditional herb smoking.

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Vaping can Deliver 82% of THC

California NORML's study certainly produced promising results on vaping's efficiency. But I'm even more encouraged by research from a 2016 edition of PLoS One.

This work looked at different herbal vaporizers and found that quality plays a role in how much THC is delivered into the vapor.

The best product saw 82.7% of the THC delivered, which is a 50% difference from the device with the lowest yield (2).

Obviously, you don't want to spend money on a low-quality vaporizer that delivers 40% of the THC. After all, this is just barely better than getting 25% from a blunt or joint. Which is why you should invest your money on a vaporizer that is not only safe but highly efficient at providing you the most THC with each puff.

Better than Edibles, Smoking & Tea

Another study from The Netherlands' Bedrocan BV shows that vaping makes better use out of herb than any other method.

Researchers polled 953 people from 31 countries on their experiences with different cannabinoid-based medicine (3). They found that patients require a lower dose with vaping, verses edibles, tea, and smoking.

But you shouldn't rule out pot brownies yet because, according to the book Mary Jane: The Complete Marijuana Handbook for Women, you can use your vaping leftovers to make edibles (4).

How Much Money does Vaping Save You?

Let's say that you buy $50 worth of weed (usually an eighth). Now, let's look back at what percentage of THC is used through each method:

  • Vaping = as little as 46% (lower figure from the California NORML & MAPS study)
  • Smoking a joint/blunt = 25%

Based on the percentage differences, you get the same high with less marijuana when vaping. But how much money will this save you? Here's the math:

  1. Vaping: $50 x 0.46 = $23 worth of THC delivered.
  2. Smoking: $50 x 0.25 = $12.50 worth of THC delivered.
  3. $23 - $12.50 = $11.50 in savings with vaping.

Okay, let's take this a step further by assuming that you buy $50 worth of weed every week (kind of a lot, I know). Here's how much you'd save in the long term:

  • 4 weeks x $11.50 savings = $46 in savings for a month.
  • 12 months x $46 savings = $552 in savings for a year.

Granted, your weekly marijuana budget may not be anywhere near $50. But you get the picture on how much money and herb you'd save with vaping in the long run.

Final Thoughts on how Vaping Saves You Herb & Money

Spending $100 to $250 on an herbal vaporizer is an intimidating thought. After all, you can just use rolling papers or a glass pipe to smoke.

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But the biggest drawback to smoking herb is that it waste more of the THC through side smoke.

In contrast, vaporizers make more efficient use of marijuana and allow you to save more product and money.

So if you're looking to save money every month/year on herb, then I strongly suggest that you get a vaporizer.

If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever about any of The Hippie's Vaporizers, or about our newest vaporizer, The Hippie Rebel in particular‚ please do not hesitate to call me personally at (863) 216–5767 or you can reach me by email at

Keep Calm & Continue Vaping‚

Roly Szegi


  2. PLoS One. 2016; 11(1): e0147286.