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Common CBD Vaping Mistakes You Should Avoid

Vaping CBD oil is the newest fad among CBD users. As a result, using a vaporizer to inhale CBD rather than swallowing or applying it topically is a significantly more efficient method of ingesting it.

The upshot is that every day, scores of individuals test CBD vapes. That has led to some unpleasant repercussions of its own. If you're just getting started with CBD vaping, here are a few pointers to steer clear of newbie mistakes.

  • Using Hemp Instead of CBD

Another typical blunder is to use hemp vape oil instead of CBD vape oil for the e-liquid. A lot of people think these are the same thing, but there is a crucial distinction. CBD oil has a far higher concentration of CBD than hemp vape oil.

You get what you pay for when it comes to hemp e-liquid, which is why it costs less than CBD e-liquid. To achieve the same impact from the same amount of hemp e-liquid as from the same amount of CBD e-liquid, you would need to use much more hemp e-liquid.

If you see the word hemp instead of CBD, you should also pay attention to the amount of CBD in the product. In hemp vape juice, the low percentage of CBD would indicate that it is less strong.

  • Choosing a High Dose

The first time you vape CBD, you should start with a lower amount than you would for any other method of consumption. If you don't get the results you want, increase it gradually until you do.

When it comes to dosage, how much is too much?

Depending on the individual and their weight, this might be different.

  • For those who weigh less than 150 pounds, 12 milligrams is a good starting point;
  • For those who weigh more than 240 pounds, 22.5 milligrams is recommended.

Beware of presuming that you can manage or need the same quantity of CBD as your pals. There are several variables, including as one's body chemistry, weight, metabolism, and intended outcomes.

  • Not Spacing Out Puffs Enough

A related frequent error is not waiting long enough between each inhale of your CBD vape oil. You should wait 5-10 minutes between puffs to evaluate how your body reacts, especially if you are a beginner. The wait time may be reduced a little if you've gained more expertise and a better understanding of how CBD vaping affects you.

  • Using CBD E-Liquid With Nicotine

Adding nicotine or using a vape oil that already includes it may be tempting if you're attempting to quit smoking cigarettes and instead convert to vaping CBD e-liquid. Your plan would be to gradually decrease your nicotine intake until you are no longer dependent on it. This is a good theory, but it doesn't hold up in the real world.

Degradation occurs when nicotine is added to CBD vape juice. Even whether you add the nicotine yourself or pick an e-liquid that includes it, this is still true. Nicotine-containing e-liquids are available separately if you feel the need for it. If you don't, the CBD's benefits will be diminished and your money will be wasted.  

  • Using the Typical Vape Kit

When it comes to getting started with CBD vaping, many individuals just utilize the vape equipment they currently own. For CBD vaping, if you use the same vape kit to vape other e-liquids, you may not get the best experience from the kit. This is due to the fact that most CBD e-liquids are runny, allowing them to drip from the air holes in the bigger tanks that the majority of vapers use. If you do that, you will end up with a mess and a lot of wasted CBD, which will cost you money.

Hippie bee Ultra Portable Pod System

Rather of relying on a large tank, go for a smaller device, such a pod system or a starting kit. As a plus, because of their compact size, these devices are generally fairly inexpensive, so you won't have to spend a fortune on a separate vape kit. 

  • Not Having a look at the Kit's Manual

Always read the directions that come with your e-cigarette before you begin using it for the first time, as well It's easy to skip this step if you've used different vape devices in the past, but it's crucial. The truth is that every vape device is somewhat different, and reading the instructions may save you a lot of time and aggravation in the long term.

  • Any oil won’t do

There are several ways to consume CBD oil, such as a tincture and by adding a few drops to your morning cup of joe. You may eat it, but don't vape it. It's important to only purchase CBD vape juice while searching for the best CBD oil items online. To use normal oil in a vape pen is a recipe for disaster, as well as a significant health hazard. If you're a newbie to CBD vaping, this is the most typical mistake you'll make.

  • Avoid nicotine

Here, we will not delve into the dangers related with nicotine in cigarette smoking. Although vaping is only for adults who are over the age of 18, there are now CBD/nicotine mixtures on the market that you may want to experiment with if you have a nicotine addiction. These should be avoided, in our opinion. However, instead of enhancing your experience, nicotine just serves to diminish it. It's up to you whether or not you want to vape both at the same time.  

  • Big isn’t always beautiful

Does a 10ml bottle of 2.5 percent CBD concentrate outperform the 0.25 percent CBD concentrate in terms of effectiveness? You can see right away that both contain 25mg of CBD, but in a retail atmosphere, odd things happen to folks who are unfamiliar with the product. If you're seeking for a high-quality e-liquid, don't get the heaviest bottle you can find; you'll be disappointed. 

hippie nano+  supermini vaporizer
  • Get the right kit

If you've been vaping for a while, you may not give CBD a second thought. If you don't watch out, you could make the same beginner error as me. First-time vapers may be surprised by how watery CBD juice is compared to other forms of e-liquid.

Make sure you think carefully before using your large tank-based vape for CBD. It's possible it may spill out of the vent holes and cause an enormous mess. You may save money by purchasing a starting kit or purchasing a pod-style vape for CBD consumption alone.

If you follow the advice in the preceding paragraphs, you should have a positive experience smoking CBD.