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Bongs for Beginners

Choosing a bong that you adore might be difficult, especially if it's your first.

Are you beginning to feel overwhelmed by the variety of bongs, bong sizes, and bong accessories? Do I receive a 10mm or 14mm male joint? Is it sexist if I select the incorrect one?

Don't worry, my buddies, we'll be talking about bongs in primary school today. Whether you're searching for the finest beginning bong or additional information, we've got you covered.

The correct bong matters. Maybe you want to rip larger or your neighbors are inquisitive so you want to decrease your clouds. Do you have delicate lungs and want a less sharp rip?

We'll break down everything you need to know to choose a bong that suits your requirements. Best of all, knowing what to acquire and what not to get can save you money on superfluous bongs that don't fit you.

Continue reading to discover how to pick the best bong for you. But first, let's grasp the various bong sizes, so let's get started.


The cannabis industry is now so flooded with bongs and bong accessories that it may be difficult and hard to find out what is required and what isn't.

In reality, everyone has a varied choice for bong size to meet their daily lifestyle. Maybe you're always on the go and need something little like micro bongs, or maybe you're a homebody and need something bigger.

There is something for everyone, and that is the only goal of our guide.

Daily High Club sells all types and sizes of bongs with good customer service. It won't be hard to discover your ideal bong.

So, what are the three sizes of bongs available on the market, and what are their benefits? Let's define the bong sizes:

Mini Bongs - Most Portable

Mini bongs are great for on-the-go excursions because of their compact size. They're often small and light, making them ideal for people seeking a more covert smoking experience. 

A smaller glass piece has two disadvantages: 

  • less airflow,
  • and sharper impacts.

Because these bongs are small, smoke doesn't have enough room to circulate properly, resulting in stronger hits due to inadequate filtering.

PRO-TIP: Adding ice to your tiny bong cools the hot smoke, reducing throat discomfort.

Medium Bongs - Daily Use Best Bong

Medium bongs are more frequent since they are in between tiny and huge. You may enjoy the advantages of both micro and large hitter bongs. A medium sized bong is 10-14" tall.

It's not as large as a bigger bong, but it's still bigger than a little one, so it's not discreet or particularly travel friendly. That's vital when purchasing a bong.

Large Bongs for Home Use the finest bong

Large bongs are normally for more experienced smokers, though not exclusively. These enormous bongs are great for home usage since they are neither discreet or portable. This is the greatest bong to purchase since it allows for excellent airflow and smoke filtering.

Compared to medium and small bongs, this results in smoother, tastier hits with less throat and lung discomfort.

PRO-TIP: Exercising your diaphragm can help you expand your lungs, allowing you to inhale more smoke. When you're ready to smoke, you may take longer breaths and get a bigger dose.

We'll discuss bong materials in the following part, after learning about the three main bong sizes and their benefits.


As a long-time marijuana user, I know how difficult it can be to choose the appropriate bong materials.

So, my first bong was a medium-sized borosilicate glass bong. Though it got me high, I wished I had done more research before buying.

Yeah, that $100 glass bong smashed on the floor, along with my heart.

Special features and advantages of some materials include add-ons and alterations. Let's go through the four most prevalent bong materials.

Popular bong materials in 2021:


glass bongs


Glass Bongs are the most popular form of bong material because they deliver the cleanest and purest taste hits. 90% of glass bongs are borosilicate. Glass with high thermal shock resistance is ideal for long-term use.

Glass bongs are unique in their versatility. Add-ons including multi-water chambers, ash collectors, downstems, percolators, and splash guards are possible.

However, they have flaws. For example, they are easily broken and may be costly. If you can afford it, investing a bit extra for quality is certainly worth it.

Acrylic Bong - Lowest Cost Bong

Acrylic bongs are quite affordable and available in a variety of colors and styles. Not to mention indestructible. Unlike my glass bong experience, an acrylic bong is unlikely to disappoint.

But you get what you pay for with a cheap price. If you're a seasoned stoner looking for a high-quality smoking experience, this isn't the bong for you. Because it is acrylic, it is not suitable for add-ons or accessories like a percolator.

To be honest, acrylic bongs provide the same quality smoke as an apple or a water bottle. Not quite the quality you'd expect for a bong.

Absent a perc, there is little diffusion and smoke filtering, hence the downstem and bowl are usually composed of metal. This impacts your smoking experience. It leaves a nasty resin taste in your mouth.

Are Ceramic Bongs Good?

Overall, ceramic bongs are trustworthy and lasting. If I had to rate them, this would be just below glass bongs for flavor profile. While silicone is equally reliable, nothing rivals the neutral taste of a ceramic bong.

They are also the oldest variety of bongs, having been used for over 100 years, making them collector objects.

Ceramic bongs are less prone to fractures and deformities due to their simplicity. They are still breakable if dropped, but they do not overheat like glass.

Despite its lack of diversity and complexity, a bong built of this material will give a neutral taste and smooth hit due to the usage of clay, stoneware, and earthenware.

Are Silicone Bongs Good?

Silicone bongs are becoming increasingly popular since they combine customisation, affordability, durability, and performance.

Because they are dishwasher safe and foldable, they are definitely the simplest to wash and clean! Silicone is flexible and pliable, making it ideal for travel or those always on the move.

Unlike acrylic, silicone bongs can survive intense temperatures without melting or disintegrating. This makes them incredibly durable and valuable over time.

Now that you know what to look for in a bong and why they matter, it's time to learn how to choose the right bong for you.


vaping bongs


So, what's the finest bong for beginners, and what do you need?

For starters, I strongly suggest a bong with built-in downstem or even a glass chamber for excellent water filtering.

Oh, and despite ceramic's durability, I'd choose glass or silicone over acrylic or ceramic.

Glass, although breakable, produces the best clean and smooth tasting hits, whereas silicone, while not breakable, delivers the best smooth bong hits with the least possibility of breakage.

You shouldn't get too caught up in what features you need since most of the time it's simply personal choice. It's not necessary to have extra smoking equipment.

Plus, if you're a rookie, you'd want to avoid all the complicated bits and add-ons that would simply confuse things until you're ready to move on.

Buying a bong with basic features like a glass chamber, ice catcher, and downstem means you just have to worry about destroying it. Those weed devices and additional bits are already included!


So, how much does a bong cost and what is the finest bong for your money? We're down to two options: acrylic or silicone. These bongs are usually affordable while yet providing a great smoking experience.


Then the fun part, the bong bowl sizes! You had no idea there were so many options. Yes, your bong, bowl, adaptor, nail, ash catcher, drop down, and pretty much every bong accessory has a gender.

Don't worry, I won't go overboard. Let's dissect their sizes and their meanings.

Here are two joint sizes:

Bong Male

The male bong, or male joint, is when all accessories must be female. It's true! A male water pipe features a larger aperture for the separate bowl portion.

Bong Girl

The female bong or female joint has a smaller hole and consequently requires male accessories to be compatible.


bong bowl


Get the most out of your smoke sesh with various bong bowl sizes!

Are the homies coming? Get a party bowl and toss that bad boy in! Do you want a huge, clean hit with only yourself? Put on that hitting bowl!

Here are the 3 basic bong bowl sizes:

Personal Use Small Bowl

Small dishes are ideal for late-night sips or early-morning bakes. This style of dish is little yet works wonders for a quick pick me up.

Large bowl - for big impacts

Large bowls are great for a big impact without going overboard. They are great for saving numerous hits or for a big hit for an immediate high. This big dish will take your breath away and lead you to cloud 9.

Party Bowl - Shareable

A party bowl is ideal for gathering with friends or family. There is more than enough to go around, and everyone will be happy to pull this gem apart. Invite your pals? Smoke like a pro with a party bowl.


Isn't this a lot of information to remember? We've covered all you need to know to choose the best bong component.

Only you know what sort of smoking experience you want and what suits you best. It's simple to leave after you've decided on a function or design. But as a veteran smoker, you find yourself purchasing new bong components to test out different smoking ways.

Whatever you choose, I wish you luck in finding the perfect bong for you! Make the most of everything you've learnt today and achieve the best setup!