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Alternative Ways of Smoking Marijuana

The history of smoking marijuana dates back to ancient China in 2,700 BC. In the United States, new regulations on cannabis have led many to turn to alternative ways of smoking marijuana. 

  • Some people are now cigar smokers, choosing a pipe over a joint which leads to a much healthier ritual and cheaper cost.
  • Some people switched entirely from smoking weed to vaporizing it by using a vape pen or heating it up for inhalation through a bong or hookah. This way you can get the hit you need without inhaling all of the toxins found in traditional cigarette smoke (which is said to be almost 200 chemicals).
  • Some people try vaping marijuana by using a device called an e-pen, which is not only safer but also cheaper than buying weed and rolling your own.
  • Others still use a bong, or keep their tobacco in their pockets to make rolling their own joints for when they desire to light up.
These products are a little pricier than your average joint, but if you are trying to get healthy and you don't want to smoke tobacco anymore then these products might just be worth the extra money.


    hookah joint vaporizers


    A lot of people have taken up vaporizing as an alternative way to smoke marijuana. They've discovered that vaporizers burn marijuana at a lower temperature which keeps THC (the active ingredient in weed that gets the user high) from being burned off. This way smokers can actually feel the draw on their lungs and inhale more of the THC than when they were combusting it in a joint before.

    Some people have decided to stay with smoking joints but they are now using a hemp rolling paper, as opposed to a regular cigarette paper. This is because they believe that:

    • Hemp rolling papers are made without the chemicals that are found in normal cigarette papers so this way you won't breathe in all of the carcinogens.
    • Many new smokers have found that they can handle smoking two or three joints at once when they use a hemp rolling paper because it lets them smoke longer before they get high.

    Of course, most people don't just choose one way of smoking marijuana and stick with it for good. They experiment with different options and find what works best for their lifestyles, which is why there are so many different ways out there for individuals to get high.


    1. Vaporizers

    Vaporizers heat weed or weed concentrate to between 350 and 420 degrees Fahrenheit. This way:

    • the active ingredients in the plant are not actually burned, but rather vaporized into a smoke-like substance that is much safer for users to inhale.  
    • most of the harmful chemicals are not as burned off as they would be with other methods of smoking.
    When using a vaporizer, you will feel less high than when you smoke a joint because there is less THC being ingested orally. This is especially true if someone opts to use marijuana concentrate instead of traditional raw buds which have higher amounts of THC in them.


    2. Cigar

    This method of smoking marijuana's use is not new. In fact, you can find antique cigar holders that were used to roll joints in. There are also some modern alternatives to a regular cigar in the form of hookah pipes and e-pens that vaporize your weed instead of just burning it.

    These pipes heat up the weed slowly, releasing its active ingredients slowly as you inhale from them. The sophistication will give you a stronger high than when you're smoking with something more traditional, like a joint or bong. 

    But because these devices are still pretty new there aren't many options for who manufactures the products which make them as well as who can sell them legally. This makes it a little bit harder to find and buy them, but don't be afraid to look around at your options so you can see what works best for your lifestyle.



    3. Hookah

    Hookahs are one of the oldest ways of smoking marijuana. A hookah pipe is actually a water pipe that uses a bowl and hose to smoke cannabis or tobacco products through. The water filters out many of the carcinogens that are found in traditional tobacco cigarettes, making this method both healthier and less expensive than smoking with a normal tobacco product.  

    The process of smoking a hookah is much more ritualistic than regular ways of smoking marijuana. There are many different kinds of hookah and even different ways to smoke but it is truly a unique way to get high.


    4. Joints

    Like the name implies, joints are when you take rolling paper, fill it with marijuana and seal it shut with a little bit of glue or gum. When you light the joint up you inhale the smoke as well as all of the THC that happens to be inside the rolling paper which can get you even higher than normal methods of smoking. 


    CBD joint



    Joints work great when you're smoking marijuana with friends, but you might not want to use a joint if you're trying to sneak a hit in at work or if you're trying to keep your smoking habits private from others.

    5. Bong

    A bong is one of the most popular ways of smoking marijuana. The water filtration system keeps the harmful chemicals from coming into contact with your lungs so that you can get high using this method. 

    But because bongs are so large, they are very easy for other people to spot and tip off others that you might be up to something illegal or immoral. So if discretion is important then a bong might not be right for you.


    glass bong for marijuana


    There are fifty-one different chemicals that are found in cannabis and if you really want to get the most out of your experience you should research what the active ingredients in the product you have chosen will be so that you can get exactly what you want.

    Marijuana is a great option for many people and it's really up to the individual on how they choose to use it. However, if you're going to smoke it make sure to do your research first so that when you do end up getting high, it comes from the experience that makes the most sense for your lifestyle. 

    Researching will also help you to find more marijuana products that are great for your needs. If you're looking to increase the amount of THC in your product, you can always try out some cannabis concentrates. They deliver higher potency and can be made into a variety of different kinds of products, so there's really no limit to what you can do with it.

    There's no doubt that cannabis is an exciting therapeutic drug and one that needs much more research and attention than it has been given over the past decades. But as long as people continue to use it for recreational purposes, there remain many unanswered questions about the long-term effects of using it both recreationally and medically.