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Pros and Cons of Weed Pipes

Some people might think that a weed pipe is just a weed pipe, but there are actually some pretty big differences between each different type of smoking device.

So before you decide on which weed pipe is right for you, it's essential that you understand the pros and cons of each type. 


The Hippie Pipes

First of all, there are the classic slides. These types of smoking devices are what people usually call "weed pipes". These are actually just a deep bowl that is slide-open. 

So basically, when you inhale through the bowl, smoke goes up into your mouth, and then when you exhale through it you will get that fantastic drag from your pipe. You can decide how to smoke them depending on how you like to inhale and exhale.


Water Pipe
The second type is the water pipe – or more commonly known as bongs. Now these ones have come a long way since they were introduced decades ago. They have become lighter in weight, bigger in size and much more user-friendly than ever before.


A weed pipe is one of the most popular smoking devices among cannabis users who live in legal jurisdictions where they can purchase cannabis legally to smoke. 


A weed pipe can be made of a variety of different materials, but it's usually made of:

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Ceramic


A weed pipe is used to smoke cannabis by burning the substance in order to release the psychoactive chemical THC. 

Once the THC has been released from the cannabis plant it can then be inhaled by the person who is smoking through a hole at one end of the pipe (created by a carburetor).

The Hippie Pipe


  • A weed pipe is cheap to make and easy to use because there are few pieces involved in creating this smoking device.
  • You can easily create your own weed pipe by simply putting a hole through the side of an empty soda can.
  • A weed pipe is easy to clean, simply by brushing out the ashes and residue.
  • A weed pipe won't get hot to the touch, causing it not to burn your fingers like a bong might.


  • You can only use this type of smoking device while sitting down because you have to use both hands in order to hold and smoke from it.
  • When you are done smoking, you have to dispose of your weed pipe because most public places don't allow them indoors.
  • A weed pipe can easily break if not handled with proper care.


Weed Pipe

Why Choose a Weed Pipe?

A weed pipe is the easiest to use of all of the options out there, and if you like smoking from it and would like to save money and have plenty of personal control over your smoke session, then a weed pipe is probably your best option.

In order to find out if a weed pipe is for you, you'll want to do some research on your own and decide which one best suits your needs as an individual cannabis user. If you like smoking from a bong or bubbler, then by all means go ahead and smoke out of that.

However, if you are looking for a new smoking device to put in your pocket or use on the go, then you should definitely try out a weed pipe


A weed pipe is probably one of your best options when it comes to smoking cannabis because it's easy to use (though not as easy as a bong) and allows you full control over how much smoke you want. If you're ready to get started, you should definitely check out our full-size glass pipe which is completely portable so that you can take it with you wherever you go.


Hippie W


So now that you understand the pros and cons of each different type of smoking device, you should have no problem coming to your own conclusion about which is the best for you. If you are still not sure about what's best, check out some other articles on our blog to help make up your mind

Thanks for reading and happy smoking! We hope you found some useful information today in this article because it's very hard to find useful information about glass, metal and ceramic weed pipes - something we hope to provide for all of our readers in the future through a wider variety of posts related to this topic.