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How to Truly Enjoy Your Electronic Cigarette

A lot of people think that the typical electronic cigarette is a self-enclosed and fully complete unit. There’s a lot of truth to this impression, but please understand that just like any other kind of equipment, there’s always room for improvement.

It doesn’t really matter how renowned the brand of your product is. If you have used it for any period of time, you probably would notice certain areas for improvement, or you may have some needs that the product isn’t fulfilling. 

Not this doesn’t mean that you are in any way, shape or form dissatisfied with the product. Instead, just like most consumers, you really want to take your experience to the next level. This is where accessories come in.  

The situation that I’ve just described actually applies across the board. It is not in any way restricted to electronic cigarettes, vape pens, or any other electronic cigarette, or e-cig-related inhalation device. 

This is a very common consumer experience. Maybe you have a blender. Maybe you have a car. Maybe you have some sort of lawn maintenance equipment. Any product that you use will always have room for improvement; maybe it doesn’t fit your set of circumstances like a glove. Maybe you have certain special needs. Maybe you find yourself in certain situations, and it would be great if the product is more convenient, or more effective or efficient. 

Whatever the case may be, people have always looked at accessorization as a way of really maximizing the value that they get from the product, as well as getting the product to live up to its fullest potential.  


vape catridge


Take the case of cars. Cars have been around for a long, long time, and believe me, the aftermarket accessory marketplace is not going to go away anytime soon. In fact, the first few mass-manufactured cars that came out were accessorized. 

You really can’t blame people for thinking this way because this is part of the human condition. We are not quite content with the things that we have. We are always looking for something bigger, brighter, and better. 

Maybe a log of this is subjective. Maybe a lot of this is just how we look at our possessions or our relationship with our possessions. But for whatever reason, maybe it’s emotional, or maybe it has something to do with social status; we are constantly looking for more. 

This really is the whole animating force behind the accessory market. It doesn’t matter what we’re talking about. Maybe we are talking about cars. Maybe we’re talking about planes. Maybe we’re talking about kitchen equipment. There will always be a massive market for accessories. 

The electronic cigarette space is not immune to this. In fact, if you really want to maximize the value of the vapor you get from this type of product, it’s a good idea to accessorize. 


vaporizer customize


The problem with stock equipment 

Don’t get me wrong. Solid brands in the electronic cigarettes space have developed a following, precisely because they can do the job right. They have enough value going for them. They are enjoyed by a large group of people. That is why they’ve developed a solid brand. 

After all, you can’t develop a reputation unless people can see that you can consistently produce some sort of outcome that they desire. That goes without saying, but even within this branded space, there are places where people would look for accessories.

There are situations where users would look for something that would really level up their enjoyment of a particular e-cig product. This is where accessories come in.   

What can you accessorize? 

When it comes to electronic vapor inhalation devices, you can pretty much accessorize everything. First of all, you can accessorize the e-cig pipe. This is the main chamber in which you can draw the vapor. You can also accessorize the e-cig battery. 

Believe me, as pretty as your unit may be if it runs out of battery life, it’s useless. What’s really frustrating about all of this is that you don’t know when it is going to give up. Depending on the design of your e-cig, you may be completely in the dark. 

There you are taking draw after draw, enjoying that nice vapor passing around the vape pen or e-cig among your friends. Everybody is having a great time, then all of a sudden, one of you can’t draw anymore. There’s no more vapor because the device has died. Talk about a spoiler, talk about a bummer, talk about a letdown. 

This happens quite a bit because of battery life issues. One of the most common ways electronic cigarette owners accessorize their device is to invest in better e-cig battery brands. Just like in any market, there is no shortage of specialist brands.  

electronic cigarette battery

In the e-cig space, there are specialized electronic cigarette batteries. That’s all they do, they produce batteries all day, every day. They eat, sleep, and drink batteries. If you have ever had an electronic cigarette die on you, you would know first-hand how crucial this seemingly insignificant detail is. 

It’s too easy to take batteries for granted, but the problem is you need specialized batteries. I’m not just talking about the typical lithium-ion combination that you can pick up at any grocery store. You’re more than welcome to do that, but chances are you probably would end up with something cheap and short-lived. They don’t last all that long.  

You’re more likely to be let down in the worst time possible. It helps tremendously to pick lithium-ion electronic cigarette batteries that are specially designed for the aftermarket space. They tend to have a longer life. They tend to accommodate a lot more electronic designs on the currently on the market, and they are designed with maximizing vaporizer value in mind. 

Don’t forget to accessorize your tanks. There are e-cig tanks currently available in the market. These are great backup tanks, as well as main tank replacements. The main reason why these types of products have entered the electronic cigarette marketplace in the first place is that a lot of stock e-cig tanks out there are simply not up to the job.  

vaporizer tank

 Either they don’t fit all that well, or they get knocked off fairly easily. This is not all that surprising, because it’s easy to think that an electronic cigarette is really just the vapor inhalation device itself. May it’s the e-cig pipe. Maybe it’s the chamber. Maybe it’s the heating component or heating coil. 


But lost in all of this is the e-cig tank. Maybe it’s not up to the job. Maybe it’s placed in the wrong spot. No matter how your slice and dice it, there’s always room for improvement. This is why it’s a good idea to get this type of accessory. 

You know that if you pick up aftermarket e-cig tanks, that they’ve been designed to go with certain models and optimize your enjoyment of that vaporizer device model. They’re not intended for general use. They’re not intended just for general replacement.  

The ultimate accessory  

The ultimate accessory, of course, when it comes to electronic cigarettes is the juice. This should not be a mystery. One of the most appealing things about electronic cigarettes, vaporizers in general, is that you’re not stuck with one particular flavor or one particular juice blend. 

The only limit to the different kinds of formulations out there is your imagination. Seriously, no joke, electronic cigarette juice has really come a long way. Back in the day, the only products you could get are simply just basic flavors, and all of them had nicotine. 

Now, there are e-cig juice formulations where nicotine is optional. As far as the flavors are concerned, we’re talking about microbrewery type of selection. If you’ve ever gone to a microbrewery in your local city, you would know that there are lots of beer types available to you, and that’s what makes them a lot of fun. 

They’re not a one-trick pony. You’re not pushed to just make one selection. As you probably already know, variety is a spice of life. The more you can select from, the more value you get out of a product or an experience. 

E-cig juice aftermarket accessories and products really bring to life the electronic cigarette. You’re still using one simple device, but you can feed it all sorts of juice to enjoy a wide range of experiences. You end up really claiming that experience because whatever it is you are vaporizing truly reflects your taste. 

Let me pick out my big time favorite from The Hippie!

It’s all about you. You’re not trying to live up to somebody else’s expectations. You’re not trying to copy somebody. You’re just being yourself. And that vaporizer cloud around you, while it may look like other vaporizer clouds out there, has your own unique fingerprint, so to speak. 

When people get close enough, they can smell that distinct scent that you yourself selected. What’s so exciting about e-cig juice accessories out there is that they allow for blending; you can mix and match. You can slice and dice the different attributes of these e-cig blends. 

The bottom line is you end up with an e-cig juice that makes sense to you. It’s your thing. There’s nothing to apologize for. There’s nothing to explain. It’s just you. Isn’t that awesome? 

The bottom line about accessorization is that it’s a celebration of you.

You have your own specific needs. You have your own specific way of doing things. Why not reflect all of that in your product choices? You definitely have your own unique personality. 

So if you’re looking for the very best electronic cigarette experience. Look into proper accessorization. It would really take your experience to the next level.

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