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How to Grind Your Vape Herbs

"How finely should I grind my herb?" is a common query from a novice herb vaper. Because there are so many various kinds of grinders on the market, it's easy to miss the obvious explanation.

It is true that many cannabis enthusiasts still prefer to use their fingers or a pair of scissors to slice their weed. Weed grinders make it easy to grind up dried cannabis for vaporization, especially for those of us who don't have a lot of patience for messy fingers and scissors.

Vaporizers come in a variety of forms and sizes, but the grind size required to produce vapor is the same regardless of the device. When it comes to your vaping setup, this implies that you'll never need more than one grinder.

Most folks overlook the importance of grinding their herbs to a fine consistency for vaporizing. 

It's all that's necessary to shred herbs for smoking since they'll be burnt, and as long as the particles are shredded they'll burn without any issues. When it comes to mixing, shredding is a better option than grinding since it's easier to smoke portions that aren't too tiny.

Herbs that are vaporized rather than smoked are heated to temperatures ranging from 50 to 250 degrees Celsius, rather than being lit and burnt. If you're using a plant that requires a higher temperature, you'll have a better experience if you use finer herb particles for vaporization. The more particles that come into contact with the heated surface, the more vapor they will produce. It truly is that easy.


sprocket herb grinder

The Sprocket Herb Grinder pictured above is the best way for grinding your herb since it delivers an uniform grind and is unlikely to be harmed by normal wear and tear.

Many people smoke bowls in a manner quite different as opposed to the usual method of grinding it down, they just rip a nug out of the cone and toss it in.

Although this is a common practice, just throwing your buds into a vape chamber without making any kind of pattern will not result in any visible vapor being produced by the device.

When I think of bongs, I immediately think of ice tea bottles, garden hoses, and coffee grinders, which are all things I have around the house. Despite the fact that we ground up some of our materials to a powdery consistency, the size of the bowls would not be suitable for vaping purposes.

To put it simply, bongs spoil the flavor of your marijuana, leave an unpleasant aftertaste in your tongue, and generally make a mess. Vaping is the healthiest, tastiest, and most cost-effective alternative to smoking.

If possible, grind herbs to a powder that is somewhere between matcha tea powder and a full nug of acai berry. It will be tough to achieve success if you are closer to either extreme of the spectrum.

  • Remove the stems from your cannabis buds before putting them into your vape chamber to prevent cramming too much herb material into the chamber of your vaporizer. Aside from increasing the amount of vapor produced, this approach makes it much easier to crush your marijuana.

However, although this may be time-consuming for lower to mid-range cannabis, especially if it has been grown with PGR chemicals, most organic buds should take no more than a few seconds to clean and dry.

  • Put the toothed sections of your herb grinder together and spread the bud out evenly across the area of the grinder's surface. It will only take a couple good full rotations of your grinder to get the optimal grinding result.

vaping herb

The herb is powdered finely enough to produce clumps, but not finely enough that particles pass through the mouthpiece. The consistency of the herb is akin to that of a joint or blunt.

Portable vaporizers are often equipped with a packing tool; but, if the chamber is not heated, you may load it with your pinky finger! Make certain that you do not over-compress the ground cannabis, as this may cause the airflow of your vaporizer to get obstructed.

  • It is best to begin by filling your chamber almost to the full before gently pressing it all the way into the ground. It is not expected that any ground herbs would be lost as a consequence of turning the chamber over.

Your mouthpiece or the rest of the device may still be connected, and you may attempt to pull through to test if you haven't filled the chamber too tightly by pulling on the device. Is it possible that your packing method is causing you to lose the taste of the herb? Always remember that little is more when it comes to decorating.

Top 3 Things to Remember when Packing your Vape Chamber:

  • Remove the sticks and stems from your cannabis. (Remember: buds – sticks = happy grinder).
  • Don’t over-grind or under-grind your herb. Too little and it won’t generate as much vapor, too little and you’ll be pulling specks out of your teeth.
  • Don’t overpack your vaporizers chamber. If you push the herb down too far you’ll struggle to pull any vapor through. Less is more!

When to grind?

Once the herbs have been ground, they begin to release their scents and oils, making this the optimum time to use a vaporizer. This is why we urge that you ground your herbs as soon as possible before you vape them.

Keeping your herbs whole and grinding up as much as you need for a vaporizing session is the best approach since you will have freshly ground herbs available when you need them.

If you do decide to preserve certain herbs in an airtight container, attempt to utilize them within a few days to a week after storing them.