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Benefits of Having a Portable Vaporizer vs A Desktop Vaporizer

This is a typical case of ease of carriage – portability in other words – versus the luxury of sitting at a desk and having a peaceful vape. For those who use dry herb vaporizers, not having the ability to carry it in their pockets is a major issue. But not everyone. It just depends on your proclivity.

If you do not travel that much then it is not that big of deal right?


Portability versus luxury

The portable dry herb vaporizer will not restrict your mobility in the first place. You can vaporize anywhere you like – when you’re outside or traveling even. You don’t need to carry a suitcase for a vaping and you’re never tied to an AC cord even while vaping at home.

This sheer convenience gives the portable dry herb vaporizer a slight cutting edge over a desktop vaporizer. Discretion moreover, is guaranteed when you’re using a portable vaporizer.

Just take it out of your pocket, fill it up, hit a quiet corner and light up. It’s that simple. A handheld desktop vaporizer on the other hand, needs an electrical plug and being large in size, doesn’t exactly guarantee discretion.


Why select the desktop vaporizer?

Every vaper has a different and unique vaping pattern. Those who prefer long sessions and like to enjoy it by taking their time, a desktop dry herb vaporizer seems ideal. Just sit back, relax and keep puffing slowly for a pleasurable and luxurious vaping session.

Desktop vaporizers make full use of convection style heating which results in the herb getting exposed to the vaporizer’s heat only when the vaper is drawing. This conserves the herb between the vaper’s draws. This is a distinct advantage over the portable vaporizer which tends to retain the conduction heat once the power is switched on.

It’s because of their compactness that the heating element is always closer to the chamber containing the herb and leads to excessive burning and waste of valuable herb. Moreover, with a desktop vaporizer, you also have the added luxury of vaping in groups of more than two.   

The average desktop vaporizer has larger herb chambers or bowls and come with powerful heating elements. An eighty percent fill to keep the airflow right coupled with a full convection heating system spares you the trouble of continuous grinding and refilling that is required with its portable counterparts.

Balloon-style vaporizers are salient for group vaping because they are easy to pass around; may be made ready for use quickly with their powerful vaporizer pumping system; and even Nano-desk vaporizers are more convenient than portable ones.

It’s difficult to pass a judgment on the superiority of either the portable dry herb vaporizer or the desktop one. The portable vaporizer needs no wires or cords; is small and discreet and ideal for quick solo sessions.


It is your call 

The desktop on the other hand, is more powerful with a higher potency, bigger vapor clouds and better taste, designed for more efficient and long sessions, and comes with some of the most advanced inhalation technologies.

So be it portable or desktop, the choice is finally yours, depending upon your vaping preferences and conditions. Neither one will raise your taxes or cause you to lose access to your doctor but this is still a personal decision for you to make.

You could have both right? Just a thought!